10 Minutes Of Season 1 Fortnite Gameplay

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Just Sit Back And Enjoy 10 Minutes Of Season 1 Gameplay And Lets Appreciate How Good Fortnite Used To Be.
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49 Responses

  1. back when noobs could get wins

  2. When it looked like everyone has 300 ping…

  3. Reagan Ward says:

    And,now the containers are destroyed by the volcano. ?‍♀️

  4. GD_Matt says:

    back when scoped ar was op 37dmg

  5. Back when the game wasn't garbage

  6. Fortnite Season 1 Video: Exists

    Fake OGs: aH yEs I rEmEmBeR tHe GoOd Ol DaYs BaCk In SeAsOn 1 EvEn tHoUgH I sTaRtEd PlAyInG iN sEaSoN 4

  7. Fury says:

    whats more nostalgic: og minecraft or og fortnite.

  8. I hate when people are all like “bAck wHeN fOrTnIte WaS AcTuLlyY gOod”

  9. Who’s watching in season 8

  10. bro when gold scars did 98 headshot damage were the good days now you have to tag someone with full shield with more than 3 headshots instead of 2

  11. Here's my nostalgia

    I get home from a football game and I hop on my ps4 all my friends are playing call of duty bo3 but one invites to a fortnit match so I join we play for hours on end trying to get that sweet victory a few weeks later its Christmas break so I hop on and my parents finally let me have v-bucks I bye the alpine ace and the fresh dance with the battle pass too we hop on and we look at the awesome Christmas update skip to a few months season 3 is about to end and we are all figuring out other titles or dusty depot is going so I drop both every time I play then season 4 comes I find it ok this is when all my best friends started playing so I bbn played a lot of season 4 but then season 5 I'm in Chicago visiting my father and I hated season then season 6 i dont play at all I only play rainbow six siege a bo3 then season 7 i played that but during season 6 all my friends never came outside to play football or anything because they want to play fortnite but I dont like it any more because of all the changes so I play apex

  12. Back when it was super rare to find a scar and if u had it you were god

  13. S8U11TR7OP3R says:

    And. They were no scavengapoupcup

    Only MCcreamy subscribers understand

  14. this is clickbait the title said 10 minutes but its 10 minutes and 4 seconds

  15. At least the scar is legendary

  16. Not bad for season 1 player

  17. I reamember when the map was darker at night

  18. Skope says:

    I miss these times…..

  19. Is there any way to get fort to look like this right now? With the bright glows of the weapons and such

  20. 10 minutes and 4 seconds of fortnite season one gameplay

  21. Why am I here I’m not from season 1 I’m season 2 🙁

  22. Nolan Tams says:

    If I could have my way I wish that they would bring all the old noises back to the game

  23. Maria Ochoa says:

    10 minutes and 4 seconds of fortnite season 1 gameplay

  24. Jesus I remember playing this when battle royale was first created and I thought that you could build in the air so,,,,,

    I jump off cliffs and try to build but I fail miserably

  25. Miηty says:

    The crazy thing is this kid is probably so good at the game now

  26. Who misses the old Scar sound?

  27. you miss it because everyone sucked. LOL ok.

  28. Like if u miss season 1

  29. Craze YT says:

    Good waste of ten minutes

  30. DAGG says:

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