10 THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM FORTNITE (fortnite season 5 changes)

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39 Responses

  1. Tactical Smg says:

    Red knight: Welp my home is dead i guess i live at fatal fields
    Black knight: no live with me wailing woods
    Red knight: Ok…

    3 seasons later

    Red and black knight: welp i guess we have to live in lonely lodge
    Blue squire: uhhh can i live with you

  2. Aim assist is not auto aim. Mobile has auto aim, console has aim assist

  3. Moisty is better than the hole dessert

  4. Caramel G says:

    Season 5 was the downfall of fortnite

  5. I like the old castle buildings it's name is scarville

  6. Dude I honestly don’t care if they filled dusty divot with trees. The difference between the trees in dusty and wailing vs the trees in moisty is that the trees in moisty gave basically 138 wood each but the ones in wailing and dusty give out 46-72. Also in my opinion Moisty had more loot then paradise

  7. frick says:

    I didn't even realize that the Hunting Rifle had aim assist back in Season 4 lmao

  8. Prue O'Brien says:

    Playground mode is still in the game

  9. How much have you guys spent on fortnite?

  10. Tom Daniel says:

    Can we get a rip for drum gun

  11. Hop rocks got replaced with rifts

  12. Atleast I'm not the only one with Level 80 Omega

  13. Jacob White says:

    It’s not auto aim

  14. Ogs will remember the prison and moisty?. That was the first place I ever landed.

  15. 1:52 Anarchy Acres dies in Infinity War? ?

  16. Hop Rocks were replaced by Rifts.

  17. TDT punisher says:

    Playground is back btw

  18. Rip anarchryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  19. Rob Grijp says:

    I didn't noticed the soccer stadium was removed.

  20. yahia tamer says:

    I play on ps4 , the auto aim getting removed to the hunting rifle is something to get used to

  21. As a console player, and an Xbox 360 piece of shit, I am not happy and not sad to see the hunting rifle aim assist go.
    Also rip my Xbox 360 remote, it’s the most clunky piece of crap I’ve ever seen, it’s like play with a god damn WiiMote

  22. Majook ! says:

    I liked anarchy ???

  23. The harvest glitch wasn’t a thing everyone’s hitting the blue circle to harvest faster


  25. console still has playground

  26. rip anarchy because the thruster was there for only like a week

  27. XPJ DeadMex says:

    Do I hear e dubble in the background? RIP

  28. tripp trashy says:

    Playgrounds got removed back in the game

  29. Play ground is back in season 5

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