14 Days Of Summer Fortnite!

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45 Responses

  1. Banana Berry says:

    Plot twist: Ninja only shows the games he wins and not the games where he loses.

  2. Nej inte ju sa ingenting NOOB POP

  3. KC M says:

    Dude how’s your day going

  4. detteda1 says:

    You have Nice eim

  5. Hey ninja can you give me some tips in forknight

  6. Hey ninja why do you rage so much fortnite is dumb and what is the point of raging it’s just a game

  7. My name is jeisoncastillo23

  8. AceOvSpades says:

    that drift skin is fire ?

  9. It's summer and Trevor isn't wearing a summer skin

  10. Ninja i love ya so much ??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????

  11. Hey ninja can you add me my name is Samil866 I got the ikonik skin

  12. Do you play fort nite on the Nintendo switch??

  13. Kitty Star says:

    Ninja has thanked the bus driver.

    the whole lobby leaves the game

  14. Carry me please my Fortnite account is sauldabeast I only have two wins one is solo squads one is in dou squads

  15. how you get that skin thi

  16. How todo says:

    Please attach better thumb nails
    Something related only to fortnite ??

  17. Don’t you ever sing again (joking)???????

  18. You are the best in the world

  19. Bro stop dissing console players cuz u can’t even do 90s

  20. emo boy says:

    Fortnite is for the gays

  21. Only people who bought Summer Drift can like this?

  22. soula stec says:

    you my faforete youtouber

  23. Brandon Jr says:

    I wish i can play you on duos and more if you want to my name is dooda

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