16 *RARE* OG Elf Skins in 1 Fortnite Lobby!

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Today we assembled 16 of the iconic elf skins for some fun times
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50 Responses

  1. Can I be the 17th

    Oh wait

  2. Alberto Soto says:

    Seson 9 the further is your

  3. 1:38 (Sploded' from 708m)

    bottom left

  4. Loxzer says:

    Dang wish i was there i have elf skin too

  5. TOSTOV says:

    Привет от Эвелона

  6. Lucas Gill says:

    1:39 when’s a 708m splode

  7. Roblox _MC says:

    also your not an og if you started in season 2 you are only an og if you started in season 1

  8. Roblox _MC says:

    code name elf is a season 2 skin not season 1

  9. Wick Deuz says:

    I’m Marsh btw


  10. Bacon Mstr says:

    Every time I see your videos I?

  11. YoungAirr says:

    I want to do this 16 squad with Blue Squire with a squad who wanta to play lets hit it up.

    Btw i didn't get the DarkKnight 🙁 and season 9 yet

  12. 9:09 that smart bastard in that bush

  13. I am the leader of team hvxpnotic and we are currently recruiting. Comment on my most recent video to get a chance to join

  14. Jacob Young says:

    Anyone else ser the elf in the Bush

  15. 9:08 there is someone one the plant

  16. B3ÆẞT ! says:

    Bruhhh lachy says black Knight not og (season 2)
    Elf is rare OG (also season 2)


  18. So does marsh get 20k

  19. Noah Johnson says:

    Just watching this is making me smile! Thank you Lachlan for really entertaining and funny videos!

  20. BlaZe Dark says:

    Make this blue if you love Lachy
    ??(I’m gifting subscribers)

  21. Life of Liam says:

    "elfs" do u even English bro

  22. lucky grace says:

    I had all nooks in my lobby

  23. look at 1:37 kill feed. 708M ???

  24. Vrx Alusine says:

    its not elfs it's elves didn't u learn in school??

  25. Luiz Playz says:

    I’m looking for a comment which says “It’s ‘elves’ Lachy” ??

  26. People on pc r broke boys

  27. Proxy Kraken says:

    Actually the lease OG skin renegade or Ariel are more OG that’s S2

  28. Tdog 90 says:

    1:38 708m Explosive shot!

  29. 1:41 somebody got sploded 708 m

  30. Jacob Watson says:

    Lachy you didn't play any endgame bad boy

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