254k EXP with ONE LUCKY.. that’s a world record right? | Jeff’s Pokemon Go Adventures Ep 5

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By using incense, hatching 9 “10km eggs” (with 1km to go), evolving as many Pokemon as time allowed, and Pokemon Go plus around a 8 lure loop I was able to reach 254,000 experience during the Pokemon Go Easter double exp event. If I did not mess up the evolution or have a better loop (10+ poke stops) we could have became closer to 275k .. even 300k if Pokemon Go Plus catches are lucky.

Let me know if you guys want to see my journey to 40.. theres some cool stuff.. or I can play other games…

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29 Responses

  1. Miguel Games says:

    Me adicionem no Pokemon go 9033 3806 1561

  2. Emiel says:

    with friends nowadays , 200k xp for best friend –> Example: 20 Seconds to get the best friend sign –> 1800/ 20 s = 90 –> 90 *200000 = 18 000 000 xp –> If you have 90 friends who you hit best friends in those 30 mins , you'll get 18 000 000 xp

  3. São mais de 9.000 O.O !!!

  4. E o bolo de cenoura kkkkkkkkkkk

  5. Jeff, come to Brazil and catch the Heracross

  6. Jeff chama o Leon para gravar uma gameplay com o leon

  7. Amriel says:

    Master of Bolo de Cenoura

  8. Jeff I'm from brazil, but I love your Channel and your videos

  9. Danimel says:

    So BR nos comentarios
    Brasil vai dominar o mundo

  10. Parabéns pelo Aniversário Happy Birthday

  11. leda yoyo says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff ❤❤❤

  12. gi gi says:

    Happy birthday Jeff! (Maybe a little late hahahahah!)

  13. Hello jeff, happy birthday overtue lol ?

  14. Do you Like that meme "my name Jeff"?

  15. Hey Jeff, i have a trick to get MORE exp! i don't know if is legal, but is work for me from the begginer of game! If you use more then 1 smartphone, you can evolve more pokemon at same time!! For example, if you use 5 smartphones, use a Luck Egg, you can evolve 5 more pokemon!! If you can evolve 80pokemon at 1 phone, now you can evolve 400!!!! Like I said, I used this from the beginning of the game, and it has worked very well with me!

    And again… Happy Birthday! 😀

  16. Happy birthday Gordinho Gostoso

  17. Could you send me the location you did this mass evolution?

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