4 Alternate Ways to Initiate as Winston | Overwatch Winston Guide

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In this Winston Guide we focus on different ways to engage and initiate as Winston apart from the typical leaping straight in to the enemy and hoping for the best.

With more anti-dive abilities, bunker comps, and CC characters, Winston is not as simple as diving straight headlong into the enemy team. He requires a lot more game sense, and situational awareness.

Big thanks to Spilo – and Overwatch Contenders Coach for contributing some of his knowledge to this video.
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14 Responses

  1. Existinge says:

    Nice playin w u Kapp ;*

  2. charge says:

    I as a diamond actually used all of these techniques unconsciously eventhough i always thought the flanking winston was a bad idea cause you leave your team alone.

  3. Aaron Blake says:

    So underrated. 3 seconds in and LIKED lol

  4. EXKrizalid says:

    Hey, dude, I'm actually that genji from Junkertown. That was a great game! Keep on with your good content!:)

  5. Nice Video! Quick question, are you reviewing VOD's at the moment because I have a RoadHog Vod that I would like to be looked at. Thanks as always for the nice video 🙂

  6. Nannerpuss says:

    Awesome job Kappaccino!

  7. These are so quality it hurts

  8. Short and straight to the point need more videos like this.

  9. Mada Mada says:

    Good video as usual, and really underrated as usual

  10. Geezalez says:

    Hey! I recently uploaded an overwatch gun sync, may I receive some constructive feedback please and thank you 😀

  11. ImmToxiic says:

    Can you do a video on DVA and zarya? I'm in masters and I can't use my high charge efficiently and for DVA can you do tips on using the new DM and how to use boosters and when to use bomb, I know you've done a video on how to use bomb but I feel like not all my bombs get enough value as its supposed to,I would normally get 1-2 picks max

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