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Pokémon Go, the widely successful app seeing millions of players immersed in the world of Pokémon. While the game is indeed fun to play, some unusual occurrences have transpired while playing the game. This video by Macintyre Productions delivers 5 creepy sightings while playing Pokémon go. Enjoy!

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34 Responses

  1. He said wanna battle so he battled him

  2. BubblesGamer says:

    This is why I spoof not go outside

  3. A.S. says:

    When your game has trouble finding connection it does that

  4. Wolf Noir says:

    The worst glitch I had in the game was….

    A male Lopunny… (look up Lopunny if you don’t know what it is, you’ll see and you will agree)

  5. Guillermo says:

    i swear i was going to hear about majora's mask in this

  6. #2 didn't have ANYTHING to do with Pokemon GO

  7. hey shut the lavender song I'm young old shut your song

  8. #3 I bet if it's real, some cult group payed game freak 15 bucks to have a pokestop there and lure some fresh sacrifices.

  9. Doris Gayles says:

    I did so much mistakes I'm sorry?

  10. Doris Gayles says:

    it's so annoying and creepy at the same time becaus when you try to find a powerful pokemon somewhere but you realise that your in a creepy hauted abandoned house in the middle of nowhere and you don't know where you'd house is at so that's why I don't want to play Pokemon go

  11. DevoD MSP says:

    Your Voice is Like Chills The one who makes Top 10 Videos of Spooky Things
    Oh and Thats Why i always Play Pokemon Go in 8 AM in the Morning in my front Yard

  12. panther man says:

    i cant believe is
    some bastards use this game to kill other players for
    for stupid gyms.

  13. Big Bad Mark says:

    Youre Idiotic, people (mostly muggers) make fake pokestops far away from people and citys, etc, its obvious why, because they want to rob you.

  14. Drew Soul says:

    The reason ths avatar was running is because of the poor service

  15. Hjfd 2 says:

    It's the tunnel that blocks the signal which therefore glitches the game

  16. FECKING EGG says:

    Hey! I challenge YOU to a BATTLE- OOF

  17. Nick900 says:

    I think it's bullshit

  18. The first one is cause his gps signal was lost. He was in a tunnel. Over reaction much? ?

  19. LaLivey says:

    "Some.. UNUSUAL things have happened while playing the game."

    My friend got hit by a bus.

  20. GayBae says:

    Holy fuk ur voice is making me happy buuuuut im on my period. . . sad face ??

  21. Lickmy Foot says:

    once I saw de ghost and he told me ta FREEZE and I told him I do not FREEZE cuz I know de wey

  22. Chronic_V says:

    Running in pokemon go means ur just foing fasy or ur avatar is lagging behind my character runs all the time when im being drived to school

  23. Arctista says:

    Creepiest thing that happened to my friend:

    She was playing Pokémon go, when a pokemon (I don’t remember which) appeared. She threw a poke ball, at the same time a dog was going through the pokemon. Since she ADORES DOGS she looked up to see it, to see it was gone.

  24. To be fair, who walks up to someone and says "want to battle?"

  25. Cosmic Fire says:

    I know a glitch,A pokestop was on a screen one day. next day,it was gone

  26. Poste_Melon says:

    Nobody talks about the story when 4 friends went to a house and there was a scyther in an abandoned house when they went in and found the scyther it was called "ERR COD KI L N BULD RU.N" according to the person who told this story it supposedly said ERROR CODE KILLER IN BUILDING RUN then again I'm just a youtube commenter so you never know but after they read the name the scyther turned white and the person who encountered it's phone Bricked "it means it fries basically" and they leave

  27. Sandy Hughes says:

    My character turned gray

  28. Meikuraan says:


  29. Flare Kitty says:

    The pokestop was probably a trap of death

  30. Lisk Mei says:

    The creepiest think I found was…

    10 CP pinsir at level 21

  31. Hi Bo says:

    o my good I have the game pokemon go

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