5 Differences Between Great & Terrible TANK Mains | Overwatch Season 10 Competitive Tanks Tips

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Today im talking some differences between great and terrible tank mains in overwatch competitive season 9 and ranked season 10 as it is starting up so soon. I wanted to make this video to get Brigitte mains ready for the new season, and to help tank mains do better in the season 10 overwatch competitive meta with some tips and guide on what to do.


Gameplay :

overwatch update

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47 Responses

  1. _ says:

    Why did you use that gameplay, that guy is the worst Reinhardt I’ve ever seen. He didn’t do one thing right.

  2. Grym 123 says:

    Nintendo Swith Grey edition

  3. Qubes says:

    Why this nigga playing ROBLOX quality?

  4. Dkyguy1995 says:

    I think you touched on it, but damn orisa I'm trying to contest the point and your shield is 10 feet behind it and keeps getting moved back each time the payload catches up. But that thing IN FRONT of the payload and protect us while we push this thing!

  5. Anas Ahmed says:

    blah blah blah bro, you take forever to get the point man.

  6. Jonjo Jr says:

    Watched 10 seconds of video and I already disagree. The main problem here is not Tank play. If you play Tank it is on purpose because you understand the need for a Tank. Now whether your team understands how a shield helps them is a whole different video. I can be the best Tank in the match but if your team does not respect what a shield can do for them then might as well call the game at that point. Many, many Players of this game do not understand that this is not a shooter game, it is a Chess game.

  7. cedenoa001 says:


  8. Nova says:

    Nintendo switch grey edition

  9. Airturtle86 says:

    Halves the damage up to 5 maximum damage per bullet/arrow/bomb.

  10. If I follow team mates that take ridiculous position or engagements, I just encourage bad play. That's how a lot of bad DPS are making it past gold and I rather not be part of the problem.

  11. Pc Viking says:

    Nintendo switch; grey edition

  12. Irvash smith says:

    Rainhard how to play him… ez shield shift q swing =team kill 🙂

  13. Ariel S. says:

    Nintendo switch grey edition

  14. Brad Rose says:

    Nintendo switch grey edition

  15. I love constantly de-meching D.Vas!

  16. your armor only reduces a top of 5 damage… if someone deal 50 you are damaged by 45… and if someone deal 4 you are damaged by 2

  17. MiraiShinken says:

    Nintendo Switch grey edition

  18. so, I occasionally play tank but mainly support. I actually learned a lot from a support point of view though. That whole armor thing, really helpful

  19. Do you have control of the ads on your video? I just watched 3 horrible ridiculously boring ads to watch your 12-minute video. I really like the video but I'm afraid to come back because all the ads

  20. Nintendo switch grey edition

  21. SoarinFalcon says:

    Nice video man, can you make one about defense mains?

  22. SnarkySnarkk says:

    I used to stay back and beg my team to stay with me. I was a mid silver. Then I started following my team and jumping in front of them. I'm now in low plat and still climbing.

  23. Oh K says:

    Great tips here. I definitely think peel needs to be mentioned more as well. Peel is essential to playing tank, especially off tank. Keep your supports alive while maybe getting a pick as well from peeling = plentiful heals + a 5v6 moving forward.

  24. Nintendo switch grey edition ?

  25. Phoenix Down says:

    For the first advice – it works if the teammates have a plan. And is solo queue they often do not. A tank is an initiative starter. If people do not discuss tactics it should be by default that you stick to the tank and play around him. If not – you waste your teammate potential. Not a tank problem, to be honest.

  26. Meteaura22 says:

    Nintendo Switch Grey Edition! Okay with that out of the way, as someone who's mained tank for the past few seasons, it's hard to get others to follow in with you as Winston when you tell your team you're about to dive on an enemy, or when I'm playing Orisa and we're up on the high ground shooting at the enemy. As soon as the enemies start nearing the point, everyone just jumps off their height advantage to go contest the point, when they just end up getting murked in the end. I think a topic on knowing when to contest the point and when to confirm kills on enemies would be a good topic for a video Joe. 🙂

  27. Gil S. says:

    I love the nintendo switch grey edition, this was a great video about it

  28. Overwatch should balance roles by giving bonus xp to less popular roles like tanking. Why play them if Dps is more rewarding and fun?

  29. Nintendo switch grey edition ❤❤

  30. ganymedes says:

    Damn dont you make this video twice like every single day

  31. Nintendo switch gay edition.

  32. cyan5tar says:

    Hey Joe, really god job on this video. Its the first i see from you right now but boy these are some good tipps here. Me as Tank Main i had hard times earlier. Started this season in bronze cause i never played overwatch that much before. Climbed all the way up to Platin on my own.
    The first games it was more blaming the dps cause i felt they did nothing in this game.
    Later i stopped it and watched myself and the mistakes i do.

    So at the end after about 30 days i made it from 1300 to 2500 as an complete beginner. now i feel good on my role but still there was at least one thing in this video i could take into my games.

    And btw Nintendo Switch Grey Edition ^^


  34. naejimba says:

    Oof… so what I got out of this is ignore high ground and decent positioning to support out of position teammates. I also like to play behind the payload (depending on circumstances) since it is the most OP tank in the game and heals you… which apparently is wrong. I know when I play support it is best to not kill myself on account of someone else's poor positioning.. I should be doing the opposite on tank? Should I be playing "worse" to climb until doing the "right" things matter? I'm confused by this video.

  35. jeff dupuy says:

    Nintendo switch grey edotion! edition!

  36. im in gold as a rein main i can play other tanks but my winrate and my skill is higer as reinhart to other tanks the last few days i have been playing and going up evryday like 100 to 200 sr but thats with a friend when i play alone my dps just avoid my shield as hard as they can or my healers don't heal and just run in i have had many games where i have gold damage and gold elims my average stats on a game is around 12K shield 8k damage and 12 elims

  37. Caleb Cash says:

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  38. i got to masters recently playing a lot of rein, tanks can definitely carry games

  39. Nintendo switch grey edition

  40. pogal01 says:

    Nintendo switch gray edition.

  41. Emily says:


  42. Got to the end, have a great Week.

  43. Crimson260 says:

    It's not just tank mains… over 90% of the population is so damn obvious when they are gonna use their ult. I'm not sure why no one can ever see it, I warn players all the time that this persons about to ult and either people deny it or ignore me and then that exact person gets a 3-6 man wipe lmfao But let's face it, game sense is the LAST thing people develop when it should be the first, mechanical skills mean ZIP if your positioning is crap, you dont know where your tanks or healers are, you aren't watching kill feed, and you dont know whats around you at all times out of your current view (tunnel vision)! There's a reason my average death on almost EVERY character is only 1 per 2.5 mins to 3 mins, work on staying alive people!!!! You cant do anything while dead! xD

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