5 NEW Tips & Tricks for Creative | Fortnite Mobile

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23 Responses

  1. Fupand says:

    can we play duos? if your too busy its ok. your a goat ??

  2. Want to do a 1v1 vid shloopus if u do reply pls ?

  3. Pancho _ says:

    Im 20x worse than you

  4. King silent says:

    Next video”How to edit fast”

  5. Jxzn says:

    Yo I changed my name but I can’t change the profile pic

  6. You are So good bro i watch al youre vid

  7. Hector says:

    and he’s back ?❤️

  8. Nemisis Ache says:

    I’ll Definitely Use The Shloop Move❌?

  9. Nemisis Ache says:

    Yo Look At My Recent, Your Featured In it ?

  10. I legitimately think ur my dad

  11. Mr Mobile says:

    Those tips actually help me a lot thanks budd

  12. Mr Mobile says:

    Why you bullying me settings pls lol

  13. Chouking says:

    shloop should make a clan wit us

  14. Triangle YT says:

    Did u all name then after me like the triple Triangle ?

  15. Fluid says:

    SHLOOP GANG!!!!!!!

  16. The Only One says:

    ??this the funniest video you have made

  17. Shloop is back heck ya

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