5 Things That BAD Fortnite Players Do! (Battle Royale Tips)

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This video today is going to be 5 things that bad fortnite players do. Now, I just want to make it clear that if you do any of the things discussed in this video it definitely doesn’t make you a bad Fortnite player. The mistakes/bad habits you’re going to hear me discuss are actually very common in players of all skill levels. I’ll even point out at least once or twice during the discussion that I struggle with some of these specific things. Think of this video more as 5 signs of a bad…

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43 Responses

  1. Nasty 167 says:

    Never clicked so fast ❤️

  2. Hectic says:

    3:06 What if u like the tac 😳

  3. De African says:

    This guy retarded? Metal has the least starting hp. Melts with one bullet

  4. Saw this video, clicked on it, saw it is an Xbox player. Closed the vid.

  5. Maybe it's the building sensitivity that is making you move fast idk but your sensitivity made me a good I just want to look at your sensitivity your my idol

  6. Smoothie4653 says:

    I don't know why you leave the sniper for grappler, you don't evan use it.

  7. Zay 05 says:

    Okay I really want to know how you record all this on Xbox and post it please help me out I'm trying to do this stuff but I can't find anything that would help

  8. Gronky finally wears a different skin lol

  9. This is now my favorite fortnite channel

  10. Seagull says:

    U need to make video on how to get better aim, cuz yours is gooood

  11. Ryan Dunaway says:

    you are trash 1v1 me kid

  12. pls kill me says:

    I don't even play fortnite

  13. Camping? Hiding in buildings? Not building at all? Shitty aiming? No situational awareness? Not knowing how different guns work?

  14. 1. 2. 3. 4. and 5. they use default skin

  15. FragGrenade says:

    Even if i have an smg and shotty, I always only use the shotty, idk why i do this

  16. sid sherpa says:

    if this is really you playing, you are better than nick merce .

  17. Rookie Star says:

    My friends yell at me to revive them for one of them I tell him it’s a 2v1 and I won’t rush to save a mobile player

  18. Magic___whiz says:

    Add me xbox 1 AlmiteyMagicWhiz

  19. pricebrandy says:

    My main problem is the person I'm fighting shoots before me even though my ping is 9-29

  20. Liked subbed and turned on notifications

  21. Mercky Gamer says:

    I think I might be able to win

  22. Phycho1106 says:

    At 4.18 how did u grappler have more than 10 ammo

  23. lol 2785 says:

    i wan v-bucks,i am crying,i am broke

  24. Sweet XFanta says:

    Yes I’m one of the worst fortnite players I only got 15 wins and I see all my friends has more then me

  25. Eclipsee says:

    5 things that bad fortnite players do… but if you do one of them it doesn’t mean ur bad.

  26. Z3RO says:

    Hey can you get me my first win gronky or someone my Xbox user is spartengamerjr

  27. samuel obama says:

    i do none of these… but I'm still shit at this game

  28. ILikeMEMES says:

    I don’t use smgs I use DEAGLES

  29. Cookies says:

    You made me a god thank u

  30. Satan Hells says:

    Actually wood is the weakest but it builds much faster,than stone or steel so if you start putting steel during a gun fight it get destroyed just as fast.You need to put wood in front so you can buy time for the stone or metal to build itself.

  31. No. 5 is off accuracy because if the teammate is knocked down it will show how much health he lost in 1 shot of a gun, and the teammate can see his health so he can see that you have a shotgun if you knocked him down with 1 shot. And won't the teammate tell his teammate where you are and what you have by mic? It exists dumbass…

  32. Kenyyy 02 says:

    How to start an internet fight… Comment ninja is the best fn player

  33. Cadan Hooley says:

    Yes players who are fucking SHIT at the game finish straight stupid cunts

  34. Lxnur TV says:

    Some pretty bad gameplay. Disappointed.

  35. Its actually smart to finish then immediately cuz most likely ur hurt.. And if his teamate(s) are any good they will most likey kill you and his teammate will be alive which is dumb

  36. KSM Nikko says:

    I try to do my challenges but every time I get a squad of sweaters killing me and doing take the l every time I’m knocked. Why does console get bots so much 😪

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