9.01 Update, Get This Hero / Fortnite

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Fortnite StW, 9.01 Update, Get This Hero
Support-A-Creator daviddean (if PS4 back space once after autofill)
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33 Responses

  1. Love youre vids can jou make a video of the new blacknite bulder

  2. Fire Flame says:

    David, ive been folowing you for a year or so… I was wondering if you could help me in plank ssd 10 please, i have done it 4 times and i still cant beat it, pliz respond

  3. Kristian A says:

    Can you help me with twine peaks ssd 3?

  4. Sleek says:

    Can you please do canny valley ssd bc I just got into canny

  5. John wick set came out hmmm what support a creator code should I use

  6. Paul Basquez says:

    hey how are you buddy i hope you can see this idk if you have a discord anyway ive been doing these war games heres the scoop go back to the places you probably knocked down and canny and stonewood or the other and build a small trap tunnel in all the places you were attacked before focus on the main home base but literally they wont get past a 2 by 4 if put in the right place keep it small so when you replace the traps its very easy to do you can do them all very eastilt except trapped out which you will need a good soldier or oulander to deal with gl man

  7. Game is insanely laggy. I can't even play and I just started playing after months

  8. Brandon Conn says:

    How's your support a creator spelled? Capital or no?

  9. Adam_c_02 says:

    My SSD 10 on Canny not starting

  10. Joe Curran says:

    Still broken! I even have two ceiling traps on one tile, on two tiles.

  11. Good guy David Dean: Donates money to charities, use and promotes the support a creator code of other people, makes guides so we can enjoy the game even more. DUDE this planet needs more people like you!! THANK YOU!!!!

  12. DAMN. No wonder my traps were dying.

  13. Elton Gordon says:

    War games is boring

  14. That's exactly why i'm using your code. Love what you are doing with it!

  15. Bill Patrick says:

    I'm supporting demonjoefr

  16. Seems that Epic made zero attempts to fix the bugged matching making process.
    Haven’t been able to find a single play now match since season 9 started and it’s still bugged after this patch.
    And if anybody actually reads this my privacy is on public.

  17. VampireFinn says:

    So happy to help and also that you notice us. Much appreciated and I will continue to support. Great content creator.

  18. Ee Saur says:

    it would be interesting to see how much armor diminishes

  19. P M says:

    SSD 10 still bugged, even after update. They dont give a fuck about STW

  20. King Gavs says:

    Awesome! Don’t know if you remember when I commented that my school was supporting make a wish, but we ended up tasing $2,250 for them!

  21. Chris Rubino says:

    David used your code for about 6 months then switched to demonjoefrance i just hope i did enough

  22. The Beast says:

    David early content always

  23. ku1977 says:

    People, he made this video before….7AM. Dedication y”all.

  24. Himey A says:

    Put still using melee weapons? Lol

  25. sick minded says:

    I'll be sure to support you david,thank you for helping people

  26. big d says:

    Great info vid as allways I always have your code in. Love the fact you don't support yourself you use other people's code mass respect for that mate .One thing that dissapoints me with youtubes (millions subs) is that they use there own code.end it on a good note great info vid as always ?

  27. MuchaMaksim says:

    By doing this much charity to the community (even it’s outside of the gaming community), you are a modern legend sir. Salute!

  28. Elton Gj says:

    never used a creator code, because i didnt know who deserved it most of the streamers i watch have lot of them but from now on im using yours.

  29. Jomamadope says:

    Nice vid bro i swear your my go to for save the world ITS DAVVIDD DEAANN

  30. Craig Brown says:

    Keep up the great work!! Raising money!!

  31. How do you do it keep playing this game i used to be able to play it all the time i am level 125 and havent played in 2 mounths i just cant it hurts my head

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