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This game is a gift that never stops giving. I’m here to provide updates over the greatest game that Blizzard doesn’t want you to know about. I do it for the people… please like the video.

~Music Used~
Overwatch Theme:
Backing Track in Am:
This one is just in A:
Now an acoustic backing in G:
Shine Get (Outro):…

overwatch update

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36 Responses

  1. Tinman says:

    "you cannot call her a human being or a machine"
    "she is the perfect combination of man and machine"

  2. 7:18 That's just Mecha Don Cherry.

  3. It would be hilarious if Blizzard referenced this someday.

  4. Lol you tube thinks it's overwatch

  5. Pat Smith says:

    4:41 That's like the demented lovechild of Zapp Brannigan and M. Bison

  6. RainBow says:

    3:20 that's Lex from Paladins

  7. did you forget to play this or did it not come out?

  8. Angel hill looks like Tristana from league of legends

  9. Anti Pop says:

    Note: To get a video to 10 minutes, read every single character card

  10. Jyrik Morgul says:

    Must… find… Naomi… r34

  11. Rick Shinoda says:

    0:33 sephiroth with knife???

  12. Crafty Eevee says:

    It looks a lot like paladins strike actually

  13. Now they're ripping from Paladins,thats Pip lol

  14. Olive Huang says:

    How to fail no nut November

  15. "but one day my parents dissapeared"
    wow thats changing the subject, LMAO I SCREAMED

  16. Pope with cyborgs? Seems right. Source: I went to Catholic School

  17. junshen reno says:

    you are using wed site google translate ? right ?
    that is what happen want chinese translate to english
    Ex: dry turn in too F**k

  18. I'm Catholic and the pope knockoff is just completely inaccurate…

  19. Not just overwatch clone but also paladins clone

  20. Nia V says:

    how to play on pc?

  21. Yukizero0w0 says:

    its on the play store now called shellfire

  22. eat chicken mode is actually just pubg , and Chinese people call it eat chicken is because when you win it say : winner winner chicken dinner , and Chinese people thought the original name was too hard to pronounce so they call it eat chicken mode ( this is actually a translation error )

  23. ZACORT says:

    Can't find this game…
    Someone please send me a link please I beg you

  24. I know I'm late but damn, that character art is awesome

  25. Eat chicken mode is probably when all heroes goes to KFC.

  26. Honestly the pope looks pretty badass

  27. btw guys im an andrews user just saying.

  28. I about died when you got to the pope and you're like " there he is!"

  29. Nataly Duval says:

    I know I'm really late on this… But why does Angel:Hill look like LOL tristana's riot girl splash art? Like the head shape and pose are eerily similar….

  30. Eat the Chicken mode sounds like a sentence mixed trihard saying “Nig mode” and “eat. Chicken”

  31. Thousand hands is from Paladins😂

  32. Jack Tee says:

    Where tf is the global release

  33. Stop Moshion says:

    Since overwatch won't put a dalek in its game heroic mission better do it

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