Air Assault Bad News (Black Armory NEW Perk) | Destiny 2 Black Armory

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Today we are reviewing a Bad News which has returned to us with one of the new Perks on it called Air Assault. We’ll be testing out Air Assault and how it performs on Bad News and whether or not this is a top tier perk.

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47 Responses

  1. A lot of aerial gameplay today. Very difficult with a 110 but the point of this video was to proc Air Assault as much as we could. Unfortunately, it seemed to do nothing.

    Some are wondering if the perk might not activate because Black Armory isn't live. Could be the case. As far as the API though, those traits/perks are all live. So it should be working, but we'll test again on Tuesday.*

  2. U were right bro this perk sucks.

  3. JUEMY SACAY says:

    I got the perk air assault with my blast furnace ??

  4. David Lange says:

    Why does this perk even exist. Why not bring luck in the chamber or some shit. Man..

  5. What about the perk on a shotgun???

  6. Hunter class uhhhhh you mean warlock?????????

  7. Cristian T says:

    Aztecross, i have a fucking challenge for you, i got a Bad News with Mulligan and Timed Payload. now ik it seems weird, but with mulligan and timed payload it is perfect for getting those guardians who are behind cover from healing and crushing enemies. So i want you to help make a load out for this cause i feel like this could be SOOOOOOOO much fun to play with. (but sadly idk if youll ever see this). 🙁

  8. New perk? There is already Icarus grips…

  9. Khaloud 9 says:

    Bad news can drop from banshee with random rolls I have one with kill clip

  10. are they gonna bring back luck in the chamber or bring a perk that does more damage on the first shot

  11. Kyle Wong says:

    destiny perks are shit

  12. Jason Carr says:

    It may not be active due to black armory not being out yet at least I hope

  13. Aztecross snifle so mean. Free to plays cant get sturm… the quest is glitched

  14. swiss says:

    got a little bit dizzy with the bad news recoil and jumping around

  15. Is Mulligan on the Bad News XF4354 any good ? I got one that role Mulligan , Drop mag and kill clip :3

  16. bazzellmike says:

    I would report and block this guy if I ever played against him. He can stay in oponents line of sight for more than 5 seconds while only taking slivers of damage. There are literally some of his replays that show rounds fired by enemies passing through him while he remains untouched.

  17. Dusty Fedora says:

    Could you imagine if this thing could drop with Icarus and this new perk

  18. Truthbetold says:

    Looks like Fake News..

  19. Maybe the perk just doesn't work yet? Until black armory drops.

  20. Synocity says:

    Duke with handling masterwork and icarus grip does this but better IMO. It's amazing.

  21. Wayne Clark says:

    You give bungie benefit seriously they constantly fail now

  22. Wayne Clark says:

    Yeah or sucks like every thing else bungie does wow I can’t wait for anthem

  23. Wayne Clark says:

    So it’s Icarus renamed wow so great lol

  24. Wayne Clark says:

    It’s still bad news every time we get it

  25. Steve Young says:

    That's just one day showing how much they care can recycling old weapons lul

  26. Thanks. I greatly appreciate the observably analytical approach to your testing.

  27. lol……jumping around like a fool shooting a hand cannon. Welcome to the Black Armory!

  28. Is it possible that the new traits aren't active yet? Might want to try it again tomorrow.

  29. Aztecross Gaming
    Have you ever tried Fighting Lion with (Prefered Handcannon) With Lucky Pants?
    It's a not bad combination

  30. Got one early on, first new dlc weapon to drop for me seemed like it wasn’t doing anything so it got deleted in hopes of a shader. So far got about every weapon I think minus the rocket launcher kept three deleted the rest no shader to be had.

  31. Ryan says:

    Is the headseeker perk working?

  32. I can appreciate the honesty here, and you might be right, it could be bugged. But it's still a good look at how it handles right now.

  33. Jeff Hunt says:

    It’s possible the perk isn’t working because the dlc didn’t start yet… try it again Tuesday

  34. JensenDKMG85 says:

    Perk doesn't work. Don't bother fixing it, just delete it entirely

    -Bungie, Probably

  35. bad news is my favorite 110, got my year one at around 600 crucible kills rn. couldn't be more excited for some random rolls :^]

  36. Ian Rose says:

    This must be the first pvp game on this dudes account based on how awful the enemy team was ?

  37. I was just about to turn my ps4 on when i see your video….

  38. Chris Beaty says:

    Isn't Air Assault just bad Quickdraw?… Jesus Bungie don't dilute the perk pool with shit perks… Bring new "good" perks

  39. I think that this perk dosnt work becouse the second part of the patch isn't here. I think that it's not relesed yet.

  40. A Budgie says:

    The gameplay is sickening. Stop ADS-ing after every shot, it doesn’t help.

  41. Rev Funk says:


  42. HeG67 says:

    Did you just find a practical use for Wings of Sacred Dawn? Nice.

  43. I think I know why I am sick of Destiny 2. "Boys we are lookin at (insert item name here)! This was a YEAR 1 (insert item category name here)…lost me. No offense to you Az and I love your vids – still watch em, but D2 needs fully new stuff. Sadly, it tends to feel more like 60/40 or even 70/30 with old to new stuff. Great vid as always though. 🙂


  45. Airborne! Air Assault! Hooah! Lmao

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