All Beach Parties Locations Guide – Fortnite (14 Days of Summer Challenge)

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All Beach Parties Locations Guide – Fortnite (14 Days of Summer Challenge)

One of the 14 Days of Summer challenge asks you to “Dance at Different Beach Parties”. There are a total of six Beach Parties around the main Battle Royale map that you need to dance at in order to complete the challenge.

When you successfully dance at a Beach Party, it will come up on the screen saying you have done so. This video includes the fastest route to each of the Beach Parties, so you could even do it in…

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26 Responses

  1. Hope this helps! I'll have easy to follow guides up everyday for each one of these 14 Days of Summer challenges 🙂
    Creator Code: Harry94_

  2. Thanks you so much for the help and NOT MAKING IT 10 MIN LONG AND JUST TALKING. Lol
    thanks :v

  3. caelannn says:

    harry is the goat for getting straight to it

  4. HEyY PeOPle says:

    Finally someone that just gets to the point

  5. Holly Hebert says:

    You saved us from gattu thanks Harry

  6. Zynthyx says:

    Thank you, it helped me get the Deep End emote, and I even won my first solo game on mobile while doing it. I also got second place in one game. xD

  7. Harry is better then everybody else because he just get to the point of the video unlike gottu he just talks for like 10 mins and now I'm am using Harry's support creator code because he is the best

  8. Only you can prevent 10 minute videos for one challenge:)

  9. KatouMiwa says:

    This video … or gattu 10.25 min video … used to go to gattu then when he hit high subs his video time is bs . Ty for video

  10. BDSP 123 says:

    Thanks for being straight to the point

  11. Straight to the point I like it my man

  12. Sam xd says:

    Thank you i subed:P

  13. Lies you dumbass videos bitchhhhhh suck my dick

  14. Tysm!! New subscriber because I’ve been waiting for a channel that gets straight to the point !! ??

  15. TBird Playz says:

    Ty I couldn’t find the last one

  16. Can it be on any mode BTW??

  17. L0597x says:

    Anyone see Gattus vids? Like 10 minutes couldnt be bothered so I clicked here

  18. Thanks so much now I got the deep emote

  19. Thanks to you I finished all of the challenges and got the smoothie backbling

  20. Gacha Ella says:

    TYYY now i can get the dance i want support love to Harry

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