An ACTUAL In-depth CONSOLE Overwatch Settings Guide (from a TOP500 player)

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I know this video’s kinda long so here’s the Table Of Contents:
Cinematic Intro- 0:00
The 3 Aim Styles- 2:38
Exponential Ramp Introduction: 3:35
Linear Ramp Introduction: 4:34
Dual Zone Introduction: 5:28
Aim Assist and Window Size: 6:29
A CARRR Analogy: 8:00
The FASTEST Aim Style?: 9:20
Advanced Settings: 10:41
Aim SMoooOOOOoooOOOthiIIIng: 11:11
Aim Ease (dat Widow @$$ doh hoyhoy): 12:46
Sensitivity: 14:28
Linear Ramp In-Depth:…

overwatch update

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24 Responses

  1. Alim Kanca says:

    After watching this video i had the power to change the world ? … or at least my control settings.

  2. console players dont know what gamesense

  3. holy shirt, stop shouting some of us watch videos with headphones….. i think im deaf now

  4. TvT String says:

    All I can say is thanks I haven't tested out yet but I think this will help and tbh the story and pep talk at the start and end really inspired me thanks

  5. Gracias I now have a bit more faith in myself, keep it up man!

  6. This was amazing! I've been struggling so much lately with actually getting better at the game. My game sense, positioning, ult tracking, aim ect. were all at a decent level but I still felt like something was really off and I couldn't pinpoint the problem. Your video really helped me with that! Smoothing was a huge factor for me apparently and now I feel like I'm actually developing my gameplay again. Thanks!
    Oh also, you're hilarious ? I just subscribed and I'm looking forward to more of your content!

  7. Hey man, Im in a predicament. My mechanical skill is good, as well as my teamwork and calling out stuff. My aim is actually good enough to be in platinum, but ive been stuck in GOLD and lower ranks since SEASON 6! Here are my ranks if you need them, because IDK what to do, since gold level is also where most of the people that are not too good at the game are at:
    Season 6: Final – 1332 Bronze (Season High – 1627 Silver)
    Season 7: Final – 1941 Silver (Season High – 1989 Silver)
    Season 8: Final – 1865 Silver (Season High – 1968 Silver)
    Season 9: Final – 1986 Gold (Season High – 2030 Gold)
    Season 10: Final – 2229 Gold (Season High – 2283 Gold)
    Season 11: Final – 2031 Gold (Season High – 2059 Gold)
    Season 12: Final – 1910 Silver (Season High – 2046 Gold)
    I have NO IDEA what to do, as the seasons go, it seems like it gets worse (Well I think so at least, LOOK AT MY RANKINGS! XD)
    If you or anyone can help, please do πŸ™‚

  8. Wait…..My Hero Academia ost Jet Set Run!!! I can do anything now boys!!!!

  9. I'm so lucky I have ADHD now it's time to climb

  10. Goose Guus says:

    Did I get a math lesson.?

  11. Vertical Sensitivity-100
    Horizontal Sensitivity- 100
    Aim Assist Strength- 100
    Widow Size- 30
    Aim Assist Legacy Mode- OFF
    Aim Assist Ease In- 50
    Aim Smoothing- 0
    Aim Ease In- 0
    Duel Zone

    Works in Diamond/Masters for Sombra/Mei/Lucio. I like fast reaction times

  12. ZmayorTag says:

    I knew u existed but never knew that u made quality shit

  13. This is probably the best overwatch video ever

  14. well put sir, I can really relate, I came to somewhat similar conclusion and ended up sticking to linear. what are ur thoughts on aim assist ease in> πŸ™‚

  15. Too much explaining without actually explaining anything. Too many analogies where you have to guess what exactly it is your trying to explain. Your best was the wavy line vs the zig zag line. That was the only one I understood. Cars and classrooms. C’mon man. That was just time wasting. And your all over the place, you keep hopping subjects with no transition

  16. Harmaa says:

    You are the best. Thank you ❀

  17. just1days says:

    knew every song in the video :,)

  18. You're like all might irl nice video dude, especially that ending with the "you say run" ost. I can't believe I've been missing you this whole time. Thank you for the help!

  19. MY ASS says:

    This is the most amaizing settings guide ?

  20. Daniel Evans says:

    Wouldn't it have made sooo much more sense to explain each aim style in detail with the pros and cons before using random analogies with information about the settings that you can't apply yet? The whole order of the video was ass backwards and made it harder to understand. The car analogy wasn't even explained, it was just a clip of animated cars driving then crashing and a meme of The Rock. It is very helpful and has useful informative but Geezus Kryst the editing is a mess.

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