Arbalest, Strikes, Good Time! (Arbalest, Misfit, Grenade Launcher) | Destiny 2

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Back on that strike grind! Arbalest is really good in pve and great at smashing shields in strikes. Misfit is just pure nonsense of and auto rifle and grenades because you always want grenades.


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3 Responses

  1. Love the space jam reference. But the Arbelest is awesome when u precision and kill any enemy with a energy shield. Took a lil getting use 2 but i like it. Pretty fair.

  2. Arbalest is Bae.
    Happen to have gotten the curated kindled orchid this week so it's a nice pairing.
    Still grinding for a good night watch scout in reckoning though, only got two so far and both with crap pve perk, both had moving target in the second column.
    After I get an at least halfway decent one I'm going to chill in strikes again

    Edit: things like the skeleton key system from d1 would improve strikes A LOT!
    And also I would love to have some good looking ornaments for the vanguard armor aswell to revamp strikes a bit (same goes for pvp armor aswell)

    More strike modifiers like the ones from the mercury heroic adventures many almost forgot about and so on, so many possibilities

    We just need more loot in the game, they have so so many good weapon designs from year one, like the mentioned omnolon weapons, they would "just" need to slap them to year two with random rolls, make them partially strike or pvp exclusive and we really would get incentives for those modes back!

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