ASHE IS ACTUALLY SO BROKEN!!! – Ashe Gameplay [Overwatch New Hero]

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Overwatch: ASHE IS ACTUALLY SO BROKEN!!? – Ashe Gameplay [Overwatch New Hero]
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50 Responses

  1. Nordin BM says:

    Everything is broken for you dumbos at this point duh

  2. Zenyattin 14 says:

    how i can use her ?xDD

  3. Zarya grav, Ashe dynamite or B.O.B combo?

  4. Genji will deflect her damage

  5. bikhouse says:

    when ashe comes to game?

  6. fuck yea says:

    Why does it even broken if it comes out a few days…?
    And this character easyly can be killed and its not strong

  7. there'll be 6 new heroes, i've heard. :))


  9. Doesn't look broken at all and seems really hard to play, you need to have very good aim.

  10. Somebody was playing Soldier 76. WHO THE FUK WOULD BE PLAYING SOLDIER AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!!?!?!

  11. T H says:

    She deals as many dps as mccree but cant stun in close range. "OP". Such bs this vid.

  12. nano boost bob? … so sombras chopped liver huh.

  13. welicatiga says:

    She doesn't look broken at all, and she seems like she will be much easier to play compared to Wrecking Ball when he was first released. If you rely on characters with aim, you should be fine picking her up.

  14. You guys recon she is a defence or offence DPS

  15. Jusey1 says:

    Gotta say. Lian and Khan looks pretty sweet in Overwatch.

  16. NorthernLaw says:

    I can't wait for like 2-3 months from now nobody will be playing her and it will be so fun

  17. at least it wasn't like when brig was first added…. (Mega jump)

  18. Link6456 says:


  19. Youth magi says:

    Who else is a Mcree main and thunks this hero looks like easy pickings

  20. BertoBeats says:

    Holy fuck your aim is atrocious, do you work for Polygon?

  21. I think she’ll work best with mercy. Just like how mercy works well with Widow, McCree, and Hanzo, etc.

  22. Kim R. says:

    Another character that I have to try and get used to headshotting lmfao

  23. Tom a says:

    This kid is straight retarded. Have you ever watched a second of pro play? Seems like he is a filthy causal gold and can’t even say emongg correctly

  24. krejza pavel says:

    i thing that grenade fire damage is too big this shoud by nerf

  25. Zenix Kirin says:

    So shes basically McCree but actually good

  26. Zenix Kirin says:

    * insert comment saying I don't think she's broken because i plan to play her and call people i 1 shot scrubs *

  27. Lappalainen says:

    How much hdmg and bdmg?

  28. Woah Ashe is the new hero? What about that robot at the end of the Short?

  29. taste purple says:

    Let’s see kephrii play Ashe

  30. Dude, just showing scenes dowsnt give me an idea on her, show complete gameplay.. and broken? how can i tell from your vid.. how can you?

  31. I can't play with it in game

  32. HashySlash says:

    The guy playing in this video has potato aim. It's like he's trying to aim with a $10 laser mouse.

    If you want to see what good aiming looks like, watch Seagull, SOON or Dafran.

  33. YOURMUM GAY says:

    Can't wait until Bandit is added to the game

  34. What's up guys it's me Jeremy and today we're going to be playing this person because pew pew arrows

  35. T Simsek says:

    She doesn't sound broken at all, by all means, every dive hero counters her. Genji, doom, winston, roadhog, sombra

  36. Davision says:

    character that takes skill to play… oh no broken!

  37. Can you fully boost Bob’s damage? Use Ana and Mercy (and any other characters that boost damage, I don’t play Overwatch anymore so I honestly can’t remember) and make him severely op

  38. Gear Shifter says:

    Not broken at all but hey thats why we all clicked right so…

  39. Unsraw King says:

    New hero only just came out, bitches and complains it's broken. Wip.

  40. XGAD says:

    Watches a gameplay Video 'She is totally broken' > vote down for that. Always the same and idiots like you do that on every hero launch. sigh

  41. Tyler Tryon says:

    GL actually playing Ashe haha I will wait a month until hype dies down at least a tiny bit so hat there might be a few seconds time to select her before everyone else 😛

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