ASMR Overwatch Gameplay – Trying out D.VA! *Contoller Sounds* *Whispering*

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I tried playing on my regular psn account in Comp, since I wanted to stay in a party call lol. Anyways I came in knowing I might lose this round but I ended up winning! I like Dva but maybe she’s better at killing people closer than further? I don’t know but she’s a cute character! 🙂
PS: Sorry about the random voice cuts my dog wouldn’t be quiet.

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8 Responses

  1. Been a while since I’ve watched an overwatch video but this video was still great !

  2. Its Jack says:

    I don’t know why but it’s like what you do on your channel it’s literally everything I like also

  3. If I had to give you one tip, I would say don't be afraid to use your melee when you're really close. I think it does like 30 damage but it really helps and sometimes it can be the difference between winning a 1v1 or dying.

  4. Drezah says:

    Oh yeah YEAHH apex legends

  5. Thewyツ says:

    You should do more apex legends

  6. Benyamin44 says:

    Noice I'm actually first.

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