AZUMARILL IS WORTH USING in the Twilight Cup! Pokemon GO PvP Great League Battles

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Hey everyone. We’re taking a deeper look into Azumarill today and the power it brings to the Twilight Cup.

I mention “Last-Ditch Effort” as Umbreon’s attack instead of Last Resort. “Last-Ditch Effort is a Pokemon Shuffle ability, and I use to cover that game on the channel. I guess my mind just goes back to it at times! xD

If you have any questions about this video or about Pokemon in general, please post them in the comments down below.

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25 Responses

  1. Bro where is another video? c'mon, we want you to grow, but GIVE US THAT TWILIGHT CONTENT!!!!!!!!

  2. Zach A says:

    what's the move set for your Clefable

  3. Ṩkill ǤaP says:

    I think he said “last ditch effort”

  4. Thank you purple kyorger very cool

  5. ganjasage says:

    I think Ninetales with psyshock and dazzling gleam will give better type coverage for the tourney than ice beam. Using psyshock counters poison, has buffed damage and 45 energy cost. Psyshock counters all the pokemon you would use ice beam for, and more. Dazzling gleam counters honchkrow which is the only pokemon ice beam could be used on that's not poison.

  6. WheresNoldo says:

    Umbreon with "Last Ditch Effort" haha, I like it

  7. Super Dooper says:

    Umbreon gets “Last Resort” lol not whatever move you said

  8. Crobat with
    Air slash + Shadow Ball & Sludge bomb
    Bite + Air Cutter & Sludge Bomb

  9. What you think is better on alolan muk, bite or snarl?
    Love your videos, good job

  10. I'm really enjoying your videos, but i would like to watch more matches against Pokémons that i believe a lot of players will go for, like Gengar os Gardevoir, just because these are Pokémons everyone invests on.

  11. Try out Victrebell man, it's so good, I'm definetely going to bring it to my tournament. It is only usefull as a lead but it wins literally every matchup expect for confusion users and the bats. Leaf blade OP

  12. DctrBanner says:

    I love these videos – quick and to the point. I still haven't narrowed down my team, but I have a good core so far. Venomoth is a beast.

  13. Jrenz stuv says:

    What's best about azumarill is that it can take a sludge bomb even though it's super effective against him.

  14. It’s a bit too much of a stardust spend to power it up for great league, I’m going to rely on a few tanks on my team. So far I know I’m using Alolan Muk, Umbreon, Alolan Rat and Toxicroak (when I find a good one to evolve)

    I don’t think I can find a drapion or decent azumaril in time, which is why I’m testing out clefable and Crobat. I might also test ivusaur as I don’t have a venusaur with frenzy plant in great league.

  15. 01eander says:

    Why you choose Crobat instead of golbat?


  17. Luidy Costa says:

    What is the fast attack of clefable and croagank?

  18. OhDestroyer says:

    6760 5303 4534 anyone interested in getting smacked in PvP add me

  19. My azumarrill is super ready… Used it in a test tourney in December with the best moveset and did well there… Super tank for what he is.

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