BED WARS *NEW* in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Watch as SSundee and Ambrew face off against Crainer and Nico in the classic Minecraft game, BED WARS!! Who will be able to protect their bed the best?! And who will be able to break in a destroy the dream machine?!

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26 Responses

  1. Brendan CWC says:

    Russell voice when mimicking crainer ??

  2. Sassy birds says:

    Hate people who like the re own commet

  3. crainer foult come for me at 9in the morning

  4. Please give me like on comment

  5. Can you give me shout out I liked your videos subscribe and and the bell

  6. Aren’t some of the weapons there using vaulted

  7. 2: 31 that noise freaked me out

  8. Luc Heath says:

    ??? ssundee
    Craniner is barnnny

  9. Who saw the cube spawn in at 15:56 RIP Kevin btw

  10. ali Kane says:

    I remember kevin the day that he was born

  11. Do more bedwar in fortnite

  12. Adina Cook says:


  13. ban rip says:

    Do more of this i like this mod like you did in the past

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