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This is a beginners guide to expedition squads in Fortnite Save the World PvE. This is aimed more at the new player to show how to get the most out of your expeditions in save the world. Are they worth it?

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49 Responses

  1. Litanah says:

    Want to know more NEW PLAYER TIPS? Check this out:

    Let me know your tips for new players below – if it's good you'll get a mention in one of my upcoming videos!

  2. Hey could you make this vid again but for the updated version cos I have no idea what you’re doing

  3. Zach D says:

    The intro made me die lol

  4. Hey Litanah is there any chance I could trade with you for nuts n bolts? I am just leaving stonewood into plankerton so I don’t have high level loot. Been subbed for a while and love your videos. This was very helpful

  5. JON says:

    I hope they bring back the old music
    They did it with Paragon
    It let you chose between the Old and New music

  6. JON says:

    I hate when I find pathfinders in HordeBash and SSD

  7. Liam Chilton says:

    Cheers for the guides bro

  8. PaidPenguin says:

    Can anyone help me I’m still kinda new to the game

  9. Zeeplayz says:

    Haha loved the intro ???????

  10. Maki says:

    Every day? What about school

  11. MysterikXD says:

    i did this randomly today because i didnt know what to do and so i just put the havoc because im a new player and i had a 22 percent chance of success. So i guess thats a fail.

  12. The Senate says:

    Do I have to spend people or just have them

  13. tristondbz says:

    I have a problem.. I'm currently PL 49 in Canny, but the only thing I get is silver and simple. Idk why because I use 82 PL heroes but I get Plankerton items. ?

  14. Do you get the hero’s back?

  15. Mohamz says:

    Hi, I just started save the world today, I have only 3 purple guns which are all about to break and 2-3 greens and 1 grey. If anyone has a spare grey/better guns they don't need I'll happily take it! Thanks for reading this.
    If you are willing to help me, message my PSN:Mohamz123

  16. Controller87 says:

    Could you add what rewards you specifically get when the expedition gets back?

  17. Keego's Shoe says:

    How do u get from Fx 250 pover lvl expeditons to 400? Please help

  18. Can you do more then one expedition at the same time

  19. John Norgren says:

    I’m lvl 58 and I’m in Twine, been playing for about a 100 days

  20. Thanks I just put random hero's and hoped I passed

  21. Damn Dank says:

    Well I lost about 3x 99% chances in a row…

  22. Doug White says:

    Your making this game more fun! Thank you!

  23. I started the other day, and I was wondering how you get people (as in the ones that you need for transforms/the ones you get from completing expeditions). What other ways can I get the people

  24. For gadgets, what should i use apart from the hover turret?

  25. Tousef says:

    Which expedition should I be using for nuts and bolts and bacon and herbs.??

  26. Brian Davis says:

    I wish the end of the video would have shown what the haul was.

  27. The biggest problem is that it take 16 hours… pretty much a whole day

  28. L2N says:

    I keep a lot of rare/blue heroes to do the easier expeditions like getting bricks/wood. Also, Lets say your expedition thats at 90 and you have 2 heroes that adds to 80. Add the rare hero thats 10, 40 + 40 + 10= 90.

  29. Are u bying every skill? Saw a video that you should skip some skills because there is limit to skill points?

  30. Dowgee says:

    Hey Litanah, what do you think is the best outlander? (Get resources asap)

  31. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    Can any1 help me do my ssd 1 twine Xbox gt:PlebKing124

  32. Its Ali says:

    Question is tedd shot jess the only sniper focused hero? Is there any other hero like her? Or similar support bonus

  33. This raises a question

    Why do you only have a 34 Power Base Kyle? I thought you loved constructors

  34. when can I get malachite out of expeditions? What power level? When do I get it? Thanks.

  35. Reinis Junga says:

    How the hell have you got the old soundtrack

  36. Yundoh says:

    I accidentally had 20% chance to succeed my first expedition because I didn't know. Luckily it was successful

  37. Brian Seaton says:

    Lit did u know u can get into twine just by doing the canney storm shield defences

  38. I get 200 obs 400 mal everytime I wake up from expeditions cuz mine are super high power level

  39. Hey I really like you Vids and decided to make one myself, I’ve just uploaded my first video and would really appreciate it if anyone can check it out 🙂

  40. That intro hurt me just watching it…ouch

  41. Puxrto BX says:

    Intro clip with the gta 5 ???

  42. IdiotGaming says:

    Litanah can you bless my luck? I have gotten nothing but things I don't want in the 20~ B-Day Llamas I've opened. I also have got Piercing Lotus Edge 3 times.

  43. do you have to leave your ps4 on while they are running?

  44. The og music bro, love it

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