Best Of “Pine” The Aim God – Overwatch Montage

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Overwatch Montage ft. The Aim God Big Boss Pine
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34 Responses

  1. q az says:

    국뽕에 취한다~~

  2. Hi. We hope for the best.

  3. 陳浩全 says:

    he is that kind of man who can claim that he had surrounded the enemy team and ask them to drop down their weapon

  4. OkymCZ says:

    I can see junk play in AIM hod video XD

  5. HappyFrog says:

    kephri is good but pine is next level shit

  6. Nick 11 says:

    7:587:59 In matches like these, I'm happy to be a console player so I don't have to play a match against Pine on Widow and Aimbot Calvin on a Hanzo… OMFG

  7. Joel B says:

    3:18 the biggest big brain tracer play ive ever seen. like holy fuck. honestly a work of art lmao

  8. Mazer 2906 says:

    What sens and dpi is he on?

  9. Fish VIII says:

    What is this Pine? You missed one shot in one clip. How could you let me down like that??

  10. MelkerL says:

    Do a mano montage plz

  11. Pedro Soares says:

    Pine for flicks Dafran for tracking imagine if you could combine these two

  12. space jam says:

    Pls make kolorblind bastion montage

  13. zaknodftw says:

    I think that editing in many slows without displaying that the footage is being slowed down can take away from the awasomeness of the shots. Either don't edit random slows in a clip, or just display an icon for it. Really like the montages otherwise!

  14. ROMandAL says:

    Even more impressive when you consider that his in-game sense is 15

  15. Potatotomato says:

    big boss pine is on the scene

  16. Jacob RB says:

    Oh yes its Big Boss Pine TIME!

  17. Tylerzz says:

    the one and only big BOSS

  18. 3:52 1…2…3…PAM! OHHHH BAM! WOW Babyyyy! Pine is ♥

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