BEST Zarya Damage Combo – Zarya Tips and Tricks Overwatch Guide

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Overwatch Zarya tips and tricks to maximize your damage output!
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32 Responses

  1. Melon says:

    you also can explosive charge and cancel the animation with a melee, doing that you don't loose attacks per seconds but deal more aoe dps (against a grouped graviton oponents for exemple) the bad thing is you have to get in melee to do so, hopefully zarya have a shield ;D

  2. silent4fail says:

    Before, i was noob with Zarya, but wanted to git gud. I watched this video, went to try it, and i started shredding the enemies. Thanks so much!

  3. Eric says:

    I keep meaning to get a game of League in but somehow on the way to launch it I boot up Overwatch instead. Thanks for all the Overwatch info Mike 🙂

  4. thetute59 says:

    wow nice tips, thanks aalot. subscribed and liked!

  5. Whypatch says:

    new mic? sounds great

  6. Jon Mcm says:

    So is this not your full time job anymore, or you just trying to figure out how to YouTube ow?

  7. Sam Levin says:

    so basically you just squirt a bit inbetween your grenades?

  8. Just applied everything here in game and held the line on Hanamura going 28-1. Thanks Mike I didn't think I'd like Zarya but she's one of my strongest characters now. Her abilities help me to shot call for my friends and cover their aggressive weaknesses.

  9. Rian1 says:

    Hey Mike, what happened to the every 12 hours video? I miss those… :c

  10. Hell yea SRO sounding like a PRO!! love it!

  11. Was I the only one who thought it said Zyra in the title and thought it was a League video?

  12. Tevio says:

    Hey Mike 🙂
    Searching for a Renekton high elo video for the current patch and guess what? i miss you… ;(
    Have fun with Overwatch. you will get there man.

  13. Joe May says:

    Hey are you considering playing pro?

  14. So the explosive shot + beam combo does around 100 more damage than just the explosive shot but still less than a full beam?

  15. OmegaBolt says:

    Am I the only one who thought this is a video about Vi :'D ?

  16. Giovino says:

    quanto cazzo amo sti video

  17. Cooper says:

    inb4 "we changed zarya so that her recover time on right click applies for her left click too."

  18. Ralph Laigo says:

    you inspired me to play zayra

  19. Nice vid this is a pretty sick tip

  20. Brazuka_TXT says:

    the zarya god has blessed us

  21. Father says:

    honestly missed you obliterating with renekton but what ever floats your boat

  22. Pvp Lord says:

    comeon man ur names solorenektononly wheres the league content i need renekton advice to get out of gold sigh dislike maybe later unsub aswell

  23. JPM says:

    Dang, the FIRE tips for zarya. nice mike.

  24. Josh Tucker says:

    This is a really good trick. Definitely going to use this in my games from now on. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  25. vehpor says:

    Wait did you completely quit league?

  26. Great tips, I really like this new content

  27. gurchinanu says:

    actually very helpful. thanks.

  28. Juuzøu says:

    SRO.. ive been thinking of getting a new comp thats good and can handle overwatch and others… if its not too much trouble can u tell me what pc you have? thanks

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