Blizzard Artist Turns Child’s Overwatch Fan Art Into Concept Art – IGN News

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Were any of your childhood drawings immortalised as rad video game character illustrations? Prepare to become envious.

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43 Responses

  1. Javi says:

    I looked an Overwatch: The Telltale Series and no one has an idea for a story, but I do and it's brilliant

  2. Is she gonna be an actual character?

  3. I'd actually want this as a full-on character within the game! who's with me? ?✋

  4. hey everybody, so this was a thing was a long time ago

  5. Crona San says:

    when i saw this video at first i thought it was supposed to be another one of those skin concepts for characters already in the game maybe that because i was already watching a video about that but i digress i thought it was supposed to be mercy but now that i think about it they could totally do that she has the wings healing powers and what looks like to be some sorta staff all she needs is a blaster and they could make this happen its already amazing they made this art but if blizzard took one step further that would be so cool it would make that little kid so happy and be a pretty unique skin for mercy at the same time who else agrees?

  6. Elliot J says:

    This girl has inspired me to do the same thing I'm gonna draw my own character and send it to blizzard to see what they think this will be the last time you see me in a week waiting for a response

  7. Ludvig B.L. says:

    People are saying that there's a video of her reacting to this happening but I can't find it

  8. I just thought of good hero too

  9. talas attila says:

    Okay… but 6 years olds play online games?

  10. Is there no one concerned that a 6 year old is playing a T (or PEGI 16) rating? When I was six I was watching cartoons and crying over ice-cream. Though to be fair there are worse games.

  11. Edson Senho says:

    I swear to god if i managed to complete high school,go to a reaally awesome university that gives gaming degrees on the us or uk(i live in mozambique),manage to get a bachelor degree or plus,get myself a job in gaming studio as game character artist and after i be sucessful enough ill make every childs dream come true like this guy did.Maybe ill throw a contest or something.

  12. ah, I love those professional treatment put on kid's drawings. It's interesting to see how they can be fleshed out

  13. NEOMERCER says:

    The people who disliked this video have no heart man. This is like every kids dream come true. And what if this inspires her to get into game design or become an artist one day?! Too cool man.

  14. VNGAMING-TV says:

    This woman is even more hot tha Naomi.
    I need to start working as a cameraman at IGN!

  15. Josh A says:

    please don't allow that abomination in the game

  16. Let's kickstart this! She needs to be in the game!!!

  17. Esta garota linda falando com um belo sorriso no rosto, parece até que a vida na Terra é boa. Vida longa e prospera pra você, linda garota!

  18. that better become a real character she would be so fun to play

  19. Omar Guillen says:

    And people complained about Tracer's accent…

  20. ugh, even turned into a concept art by a blizzard artist, the character still looks dumb and doesnt feel like an overwatch character. It looks more like somethign you'd see in that winx cartoon

  21. Justin Hiryu says:

    Good, now make a story mode appear in the game.

  22. I'm calling it now!
    This fan character will be all over deviantart!

  23. Light says:

    I love her voice ?.

  24. this girl is beautiful!!!! wow!!!!

  25. Hideika says:

    there needs to be an Overwatch TV show

  26. ugaaa5 says:

    I like the new presenter, she seems really nice.

  27. Give him a father of the year award

  28. Omri K says:

    holy shi* that dress…

  29. Ahmed Yassin says:

    fan art of the concept art that based on a fan art that based from the game ……

  30. No one will know she was working at appspy
    Miss ya :'(

  31. Jackpot7 says:

    I can't even understand a word this girl is saying…

  32. Delalow says:

    Damn, melt my heart.

  33. Dero says:


  34. DJHawkB says:

    I KNEW IT! And aww <3 I hope blizzard doesn't get flack for this.

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