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  1. tak a.k.a. says:

    열사님 디아블로 티셔츠 입고계신거 봐라ㅠㅠ 블리자드 진짜 ㅈ잡고 반성해라

  2. Kazel says:

    A new Nephalem is born

  3. Fox Uzuki says:

    Who is he? He's handsome

  4. DarkZtorm says:

    I'm a loyal customer and fan of their games since I even started to play games as a kid, so it has been a big part of my life. This felt like a such betrayal, at first I could not even believe this was true. EA games way of running things are spreading, we got to have money and don't give a fuck of the loyal consumers. They can join the league of company greedy assholes were Apple are their leader.

  5. roxas141000 says:

    Blizzard if a guy is getting popular by the same crowd that booed ya'll you fucked up…..

  6. Someone make a thug life meme for this

  7. 역병으사 says:

    Not all heroes wear capes

    They wear red shirts

  8. TCZ says:

    Based and redpilled

  9. Yaseetheo says:

    Hero of the shitstorm

  10. Not2Me says:

    No more Red Shirt guys allowed on Blizzcon…

  11. The hero we need but don't deserve.

  12. Spica2041 says:

    His hatred was not too low.

  13. Raind NineS says:

    진짜 딱 한 가지만 묻고 싶다. 대체 어째서?

  14. He is the legendary hero I will tell my children and grandchildren of. May he forever have good fortune.

  15. I want this guy as a playable character in Diablo 4

  16. 박준형 says:

    That is what I WANT TO SAY!!!

  17. Pedrameke says:

    Can someone explain this to me? Some context please

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