Bungie Supporting Destiny 2 for FIVE MORE YEARS!? | New Shadowkeep News

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NEW Destiny 2 News Update breaking down the new Shadowkeep DLC Vidoc! There’s New Gameplay, Exotics, Activities, Rewards, Info on Seasons AFTER Shadowkeep & More!

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New #Destiny2 News Update breaking down a new Vidoc for the Next Destiny 2 DLC, the #Shadowkeep Expansion and Season of the undying! Bungie…

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22 Responses

  1. KackisHD says:


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  2. Chunky Koala says:

    If it’s five more years after Shadowkeep, then bungie would need to get around the problem of storage, since they can only do so much on one game.

  3. That ‘jet engine sparrow’ is already in the game. I use it for my titan, check collections, I think it’s from last season

  4. Chief4441 says:

    The pinecone sparrow is already in the game my sir.

  5. Forcer says:

    On the Board it said years 4-7, y’all know what that means?
    More exotic handcannons

  6. Great! Now us console players will be locked at 30 fps for five years, unless they port this to xbox scorpio and ps5

  7. That sparrow is actually in the game already. It’s called the Motherlode and Eververse sold it. Keep up the content!

  8. SPCBRAWLERZ says:

    What is up guys Rickiy Rick Kackis here…

  9. Milk Shaki says:

    Oh shit destiny aboutta be LIT

  10. Dude never been this early this is awesome love the vids keep it up

  11. Big Tuna says:

    Day 2 of asking for rick kackis to say" What's up guys Ricky Kacky here"

  12. Juni0r says:

    I feel like I would like keeping alive for 5 more years but we would need updates that can change the game on a massive new game like style

  13. t1mb1l z says:

    Five years?!Dang, D3 better be the best mmo of its kind

  14. I wonder how long they can keep D2 up before they need to release D3

  15. I wonder if after destiny 2 they will do a destiny 3 or a new IP 0.0 I mean bungie got tired of doing halo games after halo 3 and they have been working on destiny for 10 years after they end the 5 year plan

  16. spoopy season is approaching… this is no accident.

  17. Cant wait for the update man XD

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