Can Blizzard Save Overwatch? “State of Overwatch” Seagull All Ranks Respond

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Can Blizzard Save Overwatch? – “State of Overwatch” Seagull All Ranks Respond. Bronze to grandmaster players provide their point of view on seagulls video on the current state of overwatch.

The State of Overwatch

All member Responses

In this video we talk about:
The State of Overwatch
Overwatch Ranked
Overwatch Blizzard
Overwatch Comp


overwatch update

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21 Responses

  1. Nate and members of the Blizzard Guide discord from all ranks react and respond to seagulls "The State of Overwatch" Tell us what you think?

  2. Sam Lim says:

    Just fact that jeff is gold rated user, he dont realize the problem that well. He need to listen more from plat dia and master more. Each rank has different pov but as a heigh master player there are always problem that never fixed.
    When diver tank/dps can not really 1:1 against support(brigit,and moira,etc) and win unless you land every single strike/skill it is fucked.

  3. BLKOUT HD says:

    Jayne said exactly what I've been saying for literally a year now. Just separate solo & 6s. If you got separate stats for solo & team SR it'd be 1000% better.
    EDIT: Also, the whole SR system should be thrown in the trash. You get like 30sr max for a win solo. Do you know how long it takes to rank up with these dysfunctional people?

  4. Rocket league is REALLY TODIC!

  5. I really want overwatch to stay alive, just the whole game not just brig or shot calls

  6. Erik Hidalgo says:

    i think that ow will die…. hope that doesnt but my feeling its that activision is with them and activision has won its reputation very well 🙁 again, hope that im wrong

  7. I tried it for the first time yesterday, got a good group, and had a blast for hours. Just my first experience. Debating dropping the 15 on it.

  8. Overwatch is a over complicated game of rock, paper, scissors. More now than ever.

  9. This may not be a popular opinion. But surely learning to counter and progress against certain heroes is better and more satisfying than just deciding to barn the heroes you don’t like in a match.

  10. OP Greek says:

    10:20 you forgot to blur your smurf name on the top right lol

  11. Honestly the charactor banning system would be amazing and force people to change the meta

  12. Xellos says:

    Well it's all good and shit that XQC has a lot of followers. Now please take a moment and consider the alternative. How bad would it be, for blizzard to give someone, who is clearly a toxic asshole, special treatment, because he brings in more viewers? That'd be really bad.

  13. Nomzilla says:

    It IS about cooperation over everything. This game is centered around cooperation; its trademark being that it's a team-based game IMPLIES that in itself. You can't have a team without the willingness to play as one. THIS is why solo-queueing is problematic. The toxicity can't be countered when you slap together a group of 6 randoms and expect them to work together. That's our ideal, but does it really happen often? No. The devs literally designed this game under the assumption/guise that people would be more willing to help each other than they really are. THIS is what is promoting such a level of frustration. For example, having DPS characters incapable of healing themselves is problematic. No one can truly rely on their team in solo. I don't play DPS for this reason in itself. Being a dedicated, hardcore support main highlights just how unreliable random healers can be in comparison. Most of the time, I can't rely on my team enough to warrant me feeling safe in playing characters that aren't self-sufficient like Mei, Roadhog, Soldier, etc. I don't need my hand held, but randoms tend to be a far cry from hand-holders lol. This is the issue, and I refuse to entertain otherwise!!

    It's usually a free-for-all, and we need to focus on the fact that, well, unfortunately, this will never change. People value this game's competitive mode more than any I've ever witnessed in other games' iterations, and we are ALL setting ourselves up for disappointment in wanting Blizzard to fix this. It's actually impossible in a relatively randomized online setting. Why else are games so hit-or-miss? If you thoroughly enjoy the games that go well, then there is literally no realistic way for Blizzard to make this a constant when your experience relies so heavily on inconsistent factors other than 6-stacking.

  14. overwatch is in a shitty state. everyone picks dps and doesn’t switch until the game is done. what does the developer team do? they are another dps with new abilities for those people to main. FeelsGoodMan

  15. I’ve gone from 2800 to 2100 in a week Y I K E S. solo queue has always worked for me to an extent, I always communicate in voice chat, switch hero when necessary and all that. but recently it’s just SHIT. nothing works

  16. Cake Knight says:

    Cant say ive ever had a problem dealing with Brigitte as a Reaper main. As long as your aim is good ,you can melt her quicker than her passive can sustain her.

  17. I was thinking to put £12 in the thrash as there is a Black Friday sale and buy OW…
    Thank god I stumbled upon this video lol

  18. and then what about one tricks?

  19. “Bring me another” – Reinhardt

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