Can you play Fortnite Battle Royale on a Blackberry???

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the age old question “Can you play fortnite battle royale on a blackberry?” WILL BE ANSWERED! ISNT IT FUNNY TO DO NEW THINGS ON OLD TECHNOLOGY? NO? RIGHT? WHY!

a very easy 3 step process to upgrade your blackberry and install the fortnite app.

Playing fortnite mobile on an old black berry is the question i tackle in this new video. If you do anything I do in this video don’t be surprised if your phone stops working.

Step 1: Take the phone apart CAREFULLY
Step 2: Add a new power supply…

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20 Responses

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  2. hecitdy says:

    can you use fortnite on a stained rug tho?

  3. Achi says:

    MattG123 would approve this channel.

  4. Cx. Cheese says:

    Like my comment again… I dare you

  5. That's some fine screwdriver work

  6. 10/10 taught me to fortnite on my blackberry. Thanks Matt!

  7. "the age old question" i love this

  8. I like the nail right in the middle. Gives it a touch of class.

  9. will edm says:

    I was using a flip phone for sexting not a Blackberry

  10. spaspants says:

    I lost it when it lit on fire

  11. spaspants says:

    Loved the video hahaha

  12. jesusdidmeth says:

    Fix that pogo stick you and Jay broke

  13. Garnet b says:


  14. Don M says:

    Oh how I've waited fo this

  15. Can you fix my life? (But not with that screwdriver, please!)

  16. RASH says:

    wow, very informative

  17. Paige B says:

    Instructions not clear, I’m on fire.

  18. Emily Brucia says:

    yesss thank god this is back.

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