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I completed the Spiritomb quests and caught it! I’ll be completely maxing it out and taking it to the gym to see how well it performs in GO. Halloween event quests in Pokemon GO

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34 Responses

  1. Bryan W says:

    There's a typo in the title

  2. DX2069 says:

    Are they gonna update the app to have the Halloween music again at night time this year

  3. Aaron says:

    Something to try. When its a reward encounter, look straight down. It could be the AR+ tries to estimate location and, since its a reward encounter, it decides that it is in the same spot as the player. Just an idea but I figure its worth a try.

  4. War Chief V says:

    damn did u really waste that many rare candy?

  5. christyxy702 says:

    You got 218 candies for catching that?

  6. kabir ali says:

    It's just such a cool looking Pokemon

  7. Spiritomb's stats are better than Sableye's stats at least. So it is a good pokemon only weak to fairy.

  8. How does spiritomb use sucker punch w i t h o u t h a n d s?

  9. Q Haggs says:

    Anyone kneed a new friend?!

    5193 1808 9176

  10. When deoxys attack form is released, will you be able to solo it?

  11. Kat G says:

    please add me, 5122 2574 8099

  12. that was fast im still stuck on use 108 berries (WHY SO MUCH LOL)

  13. stunt94u says:

    Finally, niantic heard our cries about low pokemon storage and let us catch just 1 Spiritomb! No more hunting for that 100%!

  14. Jenny Farr says:

    I got mine! Add me!!! 1022 2337 8619

  15. Rahul Ar14 says:

    what a cool pokemon the 8 pokestops isnt that bad even tho im a minor but catching will take time.

  16. I'm honestly shocked about how fast you got this, my man

  17. Koma chan says:

    how long is the spirit tomb quest available i have to drive into the city to get some new pokestops lol

  18. obbig80 says:

    After a disappointing Mew and Celebi, I got 100% Spiritomb. Woooo!

  19. Cody Kelly says:

    That Lavender Town Outro ?

  20. Kai D. says:

    7:01 my Video buffered in that Second. like it wanted to tell me "Jeah thats True think about it fool" 😀 games are for fun. most of the time we forget this…

  21. I would love to see a video of all your Pokémon. You have maxed out so many and I wonder what your top 10 is. Keep up the good work!

  22. Ádám Kiss says:

    My trainer code is:
    6442 4063 6803

  23. Issaka says:

    How did you get that much candy for Spiritomb?? Please let me know

  24. Anybody remember the broken h
    acked spirit tomb on gen 4?

  25. I would do the samething power up Spiritomb ⬆ he or she look slap ??
    Depend if i get male or female

  26. DBZ Guru says:

    I went out and did a raid and from the 20+ people there, nobody knew what a spiritomb was. Then proceeded to complain about only being able to get 1. Well people I’m here to tell you. If you played the actual games you’d know you could only get 1 to begin with

  27. yashioman says:

    They did this intentionally to pop the cherry. Now special quests won’t even have to supply Mythicals. Prepare for 30 year long quests that give you shiny Metapods.

  28. How did yoy get 200 plus candies if qe can onpy catch 1???

  29. Metal mike says:

    I did try Giratina out a little bit but I’m gonna wait till I get another one so I can max it out

  30. Magan Hassan says:

    Can spritomb be traded & transferred? It's not a myhical pokemon.

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