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Fortnite is Outdated & WILL LOSE PLAYERS!!!!

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V8.40 new Leaked skin ! Fortnite BR

One new skin name! Athena_Commando_F_SpaceBunny: “Gemini” fortnite v8.40 patch notes leaked fortnite skins leaked fortnite season 8 leaked fortnite skins season 5 leaked fortnite guns leaked fortnite dances leaked fortnite challenges leaked fortnite map...


10+ New Fortnite Glitches you may not know

Hey what#s up guys today i show you the newest fortnite glitches in season 8 Floating Campfire, traps,… (OrangeGuy) Resize walls (Physioninja) Funny bloons (me) Egg launcher (Jugger) Code 2338-4772-2375 Rift to Go glitch...