Challenge The Shattered Destiny 2 Toland location March 30

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To see the portal location for Challenge The Shattered you have to activate Ascendance buff with tincture of queensfoil. This video shows how to find Toland and complete Challenge: The Shattered in Destiny 2 Dreaming City. Where is Toland location Destiny 2? To do Destiny 2 Toland located for Challenge The Shattered you have to find him in the Ascendant portal, he’ll spawn in a random place. This video is for Challenge The Shattered March 30, 31, April 1st.
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4 Responses

  1. BruZii says:

    How do you get the light right there every time I do it it makes me follow it up and jump these asteroids then I get on this platform the it just pushes me out. I find it retarded. And i always look at that same exact spot from this video. Just doesn’t make any sense it so fucking frustrating and I used all of those this to get through into that world.

  2. Rockin Hood says:

    Why doesn't my quest complete upon entering the toland? I found it but the bounty doesn't complete?? Help

  3. I was following but you can cheese wtf that makes me sad af

  4. Lol Goteem says:

    You make me rage at how flawlessly you can go through

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