Choosing my Overwatch World Cup ‘Dream Team!’ (2018)

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I’m honestly super hyped about the Overwatch World cup, so let’s make my OWWC dream team, with a bit of a twist!

Music and Gameplay belong to Blizzard and the Overwatch League

Highlights (mostly) compiled by Akshon eSports:

Libero Highlights from:

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20 Responses

  1. I’ve not been keeping up with the World Cup this year, is flower not on team Korea? Why not he was their best player last year.

  2. kealan_kell says:

    Are u gonna do this list again after the World Cup is over and see would you change due to certain players playing well or other under performing such as muma feeding hardcore and fusions doing really well against him

  3. DAT GUY says:

    My me… i mean dream tem is: Pin,JAKE, JJonak, Ryujhong,MUMA, AND LINKZR

  4. Karma Kast says:

    Now all that is left is for u is to spend that infinite money of yours and make the team xd

  5. Logical says:

    I would have the same supports and tanks, but swap Surefour for Agilities and Libero for Carpe. Especially because Libero doesn't have any experience on mixed rosters, while Carpe obviously does.

    MT: Muma, Guxue
    OT: Poko
    DPS: Carpe, Agilities

    Main support: Custa
    Flex support: Boombox

  6. my list
    main tank: Guxue
    off tank: Space leave
    Main support: Custa
    Flex support: Boombox
    hit-scan dps: Carpe
    flex dps:
    General dps LiNkzeR (idk) cuz genji and pharah good too and Surefour

  7. loucifer says:

    south korea is gonna lose 1-3. guaranteed.

  8. My Team:

    Main Tank- Guxue
    Off Tank- Space
    Main Support- Custa
    Flex Support- Jjonak, Boombox
    Hitscan Dps- Surefour, Linkzr
    Flex Dps- NicoGDH

    ugh i want to put muma on main tank and i also want to put space on off tank and i cant do both and it sucks and i cant have poko bc i think space is just slightly better and also i want jjonak so i cant have libero so i need nico on flex dps… ugh this stuff is harder than it looks, but i think im kinda happy with that list.

  9. Samuel Rauen says:


  10. Humble Galka says:

    I knew you were picking Shaz lul

  11. FizzerVC says:

    i think my list would be
    Main tank: fragi
    Off tank: space
    Hitscan: carpe
    Projectile dps: agilities
    Flex support: boombox
    Main support: custa
    Flex: nico
    benchwarmer: sky

  12. This makes sense, only thing I really didnt understand was why not use trill instead but I guess it works

  13. H3iny Rich says:

    Instead of Libero and surefour, I would carpe and agilities

  14. but what if you did this challenge and you couldn't pick people from the OWL and only based it off of their performance in the OWWC?

  15. M.M says:

    I believe in XQC

  16. Eli Bacon says:

    This is solid but I'd pick Carpe and Agilities instead of Surefour and Libero

  17. Ace Life says:

    Main tank:fissure
    Support:jjonak,Neptuno or Ark

  18. Aidan Kim says:

    AKM on flex dps (mostly genji)
    Taimou on winston and rien
    The rest doesn’t matter

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