Crazy Kid Breaks Gaming Keyboard Over Fortnite Hacker!

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Hey guys its Jbro here with a new video in this video I will be doing a new family friendly no swearing fortnite edit. This video is a joke so please do not take anything seriously!

Gameplay –
Rage –

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35 Responses

  1. Jbro129 says:

    If you haven't heard, Fortnite for ios is coming! Sign up here –

  2. I like that he smashes a keyboard but it showed he was playing PS4

  3. Alen Gamer says:

    if all gamers were like him they would be bankrupt cause the amount of money spent on consoles and keypads would be more than what they would hypothetically earn
    as gamers.

  4. runby says:

    lmao this is hilarious and yes plz do more

  5. The voice is kinda annoying XD

  6. GoodStar MC says:

    Dat crazy Korean gamer lolz

  7. I've seen that guy raging over pg3d on esoterics channle

  8. That guy is the same guy eso used in his vid

  9. Kodak Gaming says:

    It was ps4 cuz the game

  10. Alpha says:

    That’s fake because it’s ps4 and there is a keyboard wtf is he playing ps4 or pc btw it’s fake

  11. Contraxs xx says:

    Funniest shit I ever seen

  12. Faker says:


  13. mr poe says:

    This guy does pixel gun 3d to and he still rages

  14. pp F34R says:

    Lol it is just a game he just need to try again

  15. Erm….. ow…. the sound hurts a lot with headphones….

  16. sSyphoNize says:

    Fake this Japanese dude was raging in another game he just photo shopped the face cam on

  17. savian vlogs says:


    Hey jbro after you release the pg3d mod menu you should try to make a fortnite mobile mod menu it should have anti-ban, god mode, unlimited vbucks, and it should be for Android and iOS. If that's even possible for you to do just giving you a idea for what your next big mod should be. And it should cost $2 just like the pixel gun 3d mod menu.

  18. Adrian bro says:

    Jbro when does the pg3d mod menu come out its 28 of March

  19. Mr. Probz 7 says:

    Can you do a voice reveal??

  20. Shawn S says:

    hey Jbro I love your vids and everything you do!!!!But when ya gonna release you're mode(Ik it's with real money)

  21. Manachron says:

    Hey jbro realise your mod menu and just update it you don't have to have everything perfect

  22. I will join in your clan pls my name is MustafaXGO PRO

  23. 2 weeks no video please upload

  24. Kraken Mods says:

    Ok this is getting rediculous you haven't uploaded for a week now omg oh wait is it cause you are finishing mod menu?

  25. Hey jbro when are you going to make another video it's been a while also can you give me a shoutout

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