Crusader Gameplay Part 2 (Diablo III: Reaper of Souls)

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Making my way through Act 2 on the Crusader, here’s an update and some gameplay.

Force Strategy Gaming:

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26 Responses

  1. Do u also play it on the ps3 if so hit me up on it withhammer

  2. jdudeoes says:

    wtf!!?? all the hype and the monk is still the best dude ever.

  3. Force u know u can Change the look of ya 😀 go to Mythic 

  4. If I own the original D3, my characters will crossover to this expanision, right?

  5. Tony Allen says:

    Glad I just preordered the ultimate edition for the ps4

  6. KUBIK POLZER says:

    your spear has mi drop on ACT1 LV 10:)

  7. videoradeon says:

    boring class….not fun character. VERY, VERY boring…

  8. Ddot Clark says:

    So this is over already? Been waiting forever for episode 3.

  9. Completely agree with you Force (Great minds think alike xD)! After finishing the story for the first time, grinding for gear DOES become POINTLESS if you are not able to use it for something like PvP. I know that there is that "dueling" thing but as Force said, a more "organized" PvP system like the one they should before would have been better and would certainly keep me playing for a longer time period.
    Oh well…….

  10. Brian Holden says:

    character control is uncomfortable tbh 

  11. Yuup Yupup says:

    There is no PvP because it is nearly impossible to balance it. Have you seen that river of tears when they released brawling ? Ok so multiply it 10 times and you will get my point. I bought RoS, had really fun with new Act. Really enjoyed it, Act V is like whole D3 should like!. But that's all, I am not going to play Blizzard's bait-in-front-of-my-nose game further. No, thnx.

  12. LaOm33 says:

    Soft core  , pls…. 

  13. *Squeal makes pig noises come out of your character while doing some actions. Loot 2.0 is pretty alright, but still the bestest trinkets (rings and necklace) will be rare quality. Yes, you can have legendaries with higher core stats (vit, int, dex, str) but with stats really not meant for those pieces of gear, AKA trinkets are dps gear.

  14. Dude. you can upgrade your socket gems

  15. Carl Riding says:

    I completely agree with you FORCE… I jumped on about a month before RoS released and i really enjoyed playing through the campaign, and i had a good time looting with other players and i believe the new bosses in RoS will be fun to tackle in a group, but i just felt that grinding over and over again for gear with no end purpose was just not for me. Now i would love PVP and if blizzard is considering putting it in I believe the diversity in game play would be the best to keep the number of players that continue to play D3 high, but i can understand the major balance problems with what that (that is still no excuse in my mind), but i think even if they had other endgame things like group survival mode where you survive waves of mobs with increasing difficulties (like left for dead Diablo style), to unlock armor enchants (make dem armors sexy), and unique flag upgrades (show dat swag)… that would at least add a little more purpose for the grind to me.

  16. Zili says:

    Running past all those skull piles with out breaking them makes me sad! I swear I have gotten more legendaries from breakable stuff than mobs haha

  17. Illbean says:

    "Squeal!" It has no real effect that changes the gameplay, however, when u attack with ur weapon, u occasionally squeal like a pig, if u stand in town and spam "Punish" or something u'll hear it eventually.

    Vote up so that Force can see thx!

  18. Андрей says:

    it's obviously that they couldn't balance pvp, don't expect it 

  19. GmTy says:

    Silly Force, my son loves your videos. (Yes he should not be watching, but new gen kids are tough cookies).

  20. $40 just for 1 extra class and act and some game system modifications? what a fucking joke. Only fucking activision blizzard can charge 66% the price of a full game for only 25% the content of a full game.

  21. David Holt says:

    Haha!  I don't think "Squeal" does anything.  Probably a reference to the famous Deliverance line "Squeal like a piggy!!"  If you don't know it…look it up.  It's disturbing. 

  22. XBLonTwitch says:

    Force, I wouldn't praise Loot 2.0 as much as you have yet, it still has major issues. The problems were never with loot being crap WHILE leveling up, it was always the problem of, ONCE you leveled up enough, finding an upgrade is horrendous and they still have not fixed this in my opinion after playing for another good 100+ hours of the game. Also, I find myself STILL finding things with stats that aren't for my character as well as weird items like Barb belts/quivers/unusable gear for my specific class. Still needs fixing and is still annoying at lvl 70 trying to find upgrades that actually put you into Torment 1.

  23. One problem I can see with pvp is players crit for 10-50 million yet only have 300-500k health. 

  24. Shaun Lim says:

    Anyone else saw that Hearthstone logo on the mini map around the 3min mark? lol.

  25. cmudo18 says:

    I had a lengendary gloves drop which each time I end a massacre streak throws cash drops in front of me, 3x stacks of random coin. I feel like a prostitute each time it happens 🙂

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