D.Va Nano Cola Challenge | Overwatch

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Shoot for a new high score!

Experience the excitement of D.Va’s animated short “Shooting Star” in-game and online by unlocking D.Va-themed including sprays, a player icon, and a new skin from now through September 10.

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28 Responses

  1. i feel like this is the rarest skin considering that this event maybe will never come back

  2. iconic Queen says:


  3. Darn, I missed the event. Oh well, I'll be ready for the next one!

  4. I missed out on this… can i still get those sprays ? ;-;

  5. Retr0 Blue says:

    Rip me i didnt get an email or notification of any sort of this event i only just found out it even happened 🙁

  6. Still trying to find the song used in this video. It's not in the soundtrack list.

  7. Macchez says:

    pretty unfair, i am a d.va main and i got the game a month after the challenge ended and now i'm locked out off all of the cool rewards.

  8. Saint Boot says:

    Will this challenge ever return? I did not get my skin because I did not have the game then!

  9. como se llama la cancion de fondo ?

  10. Kiwi Soda says:

    They should put these event skins in the overwatch league shop for the people who couldn't get them during the event

  11. Daequan Loco says:

    I got this anybody else got it to?

  12. Milkitalix says:

    Will this come back next year?

  13. i was so close to getting it ;-;

  14. Vincent says:

    What is this Song ITS SOOOO AWESOME

  15. Blizzard make nano cola a thing

  16. Boss Romos says:

    I just decided to watch this, I left my computer on twitch and played and got all the skins in one sitting

  17. Azrily Rhul says:

    And then I had to freaking miss it./

  18. John Byerly says:

    This was such a fun idea, I hope they do more of these "challenges"

  19. madhatten00 says:

    cool and now make it a real drink

  20. Krintiz says:

    Nuka-Cola! Enjoy…

  21. Imagine spending 8 hrs of your life to unlock a spray

  22. Shizn0id says:

    make the song longer and then give it to us!!!

  23. Animelytical says:

    I forgot about this until today. Whoops.

    LMAO all I had to do was WATCH?!

    I actually went looking for an arcade mode, saw nothing, and forgot about it. WOW. Oh well.

  24. You should do more cool and fun challenges like these more often! It's really fun!

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