Destiny 2: 50 Defeats with an Aggressive Play Style!

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In the video today I will be showing game play of me getting 50 defeats in the crucible with RiskRunner, Dusk Rock Blues, and Play of the Game. The game mode was clash and the map was Javelin 4.

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9 Responses

  1. PureChiLL says:

    Thanks for the feedback and continuous support on the videos!

  2. Thiccy Mouse says:

    i played you yesterday and messaged you but you didn’t answer and then rage quit

  3. Domino Vox says:

    Sup pure it’s oVxughn

  4. Good storm players are very fun to watch, good gameplay

  5. Stormi Ranui says:

    You’re aim is 10x better on pc ??

  6. Moving towards 10k subs PogChamp

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