Destiny 2 – 600 Future War Cult Faction Token Package Opening With Exotics Crazy Factions Rewards

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So we got the max rewards 600 faction tokens for the Future War Cult faction and then spent them all to see what drops we would get, the drops were pretty crazy tbh …. We even got exotics to drop.

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5 Responses

  1. Dj 7 says:

    Might be funny to add a duplicate counter in the Conor of the screen ??

  2. Shaggy Doo says:

    hey mida loving the vids really random how big is your clan?

  3. I think the only purpose of glitching faction tokens is to get legendary shards and weapon parts.

  4. Te Vezina says:

    I think you did better than with dead orbit. Keep the arc version of the number,and that scout is a beast ,it's a legendary mida multi tool! Try it… trust me

  5. Wobbly Pants says:

    Exotic nice one matey

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