Destiny 2 – 7,600 legendary shards 37,000 simulation Seeds Farming

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I spent 2 hours getting 37,000 simulation Seeds, spent 7600 legendary shards. Got back all my legendary shards except for 1600, got around 4000 weapon parts, 130 cores, 400+ mod components. i spent 2 hours turning in all simulation Seeds so total of 4 hours so i had to shorten the vid by alot hope u all enjoy.

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41 Responses

  1. "But why…why would you do that? Why would you do any of that?"

  2. Randy Marsh says:

    How many 100s of hours to get the 7,600 legendary shards?

  3. Emm Eitsch says:

    whats the point of the vid?

  4. boi sounds like groot

  5. Nill says:

    l dont even have patience for the edited version, damn, you are a true monk

  6. Saleh Ahmed says:

    Not sure why this guy/girl didnt have Sagira ghost shell, while doing this..

  7. No one should have this much time on their hands

  8. SIRIN says:

    I don’t get what’s happening here

  9. Brother Vance must be really pissed after all this.

  10. The things people will do…

  11. what in the flying fuck

  12. THANOS CAR says:

    Why the fuck simulation seeds though

  13. what's the point of this videos again?

  14. Okay, but why, though?

  15. Bright EZ says:

    If only destiny 2 was as good as destiny 1😢

  16. Wish they would add Osiris weapons into year 2 with randomized perks. I love the designs of these weapons, but there’s almost no point to all of them because they’re stuck with fixed rolls. Would love an infinite paths with rampage and outlaw or headseeker and outlaw.

  17. Why does he sound like that fat kid from south park

  18. ALMODMER says:

    The video is literally just spaming X

  19. Teo Williams says:

    nice walls to get those engrams

  20. Tyler says:

    "Marvelous", "Good choice, my friend."

  21. NekoD -1311 says:

    dddaaammmnnn, better your fingers hurted so bad XD , & its funny how the Spider’s voice sounds when its fast forwarded

  22. how the fuck u get so many legendary shards?

  23. You got too much time in live

  24. Dylan Olexa says:

    I've only had 2 exotics since forsaken launched and I play 7 hours a day. Everyday…

  25. Lol he got a skyburners oath

  26. No. 7a1L says:

    2 years playing d2 and all I've is 220 legendary shards

  27. RainyFields says:

    Why did you dismantle skyburners oath

  28. HEAVY says:

    I think xur Will be real happy

  29. Cole Gamer says:

    Starts with 15k ends with 21k

  30. Is this an effective way to get mod components and ur shards back/masterworks too?

  31. The Guardian says:

    Where I can farm legendary shards?

  32. Ir Yut says:

    what shader is that tho

  33. The Stampede says:

    Ummmm can someone tell me why?

  34. M.A.R.N .E says:

    Well… least somebody did it.

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