Destiny 2 All Corsair Down ‘Chamber’ Locations – Corsair Down Locations Guide

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Destiny 2 All Corsair Down ‘Chamber’ Locations – Corsair Down Locations Guide

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This guide shows you all Corsair Down ‘Chamber’ Locations in Destiny 2. Corsair Down is a random drop in Dreaming City and the location where you have to search can you read in the description of each Corsair Down Badge. Thanks to the awesome Destiny / Reddit community for finding and sharing all these stuff.

00:06 – Path to the area
00:56 – Corsair Body…

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24 Responses

  1. 360GameTV says:

    If you don't have a body although your badge says it's the right location then please change the game to English. I found out that some translations into the respective languages may have gone wrong. In German it says e.g. at a Corsair down it lies in the garden, but if you change to English, it says the correct place, Bay……

  2. Tnx for all your vids m8, much appreciated.!!!

  3. Kelgorr says:

    Okay so after I couldn't find the body I went out and in again and manged to find it however it was in a different location. As you enter the final room and some taken spawn on your left up on the raised ledge I found the body just behind where they spawned.

  4. Good videos short explanation awesome

  5. Went to every single location, none of them were there.

  6. ezah ahh says:

    I found the body in the same cave, but a different location
    Enter the room with the boss sector wizard and tons of enemies immediately go right over the rocky outcrop, and the body is there

  7. Only thorough guides out here.

  8. PainTrane117 says:

    Straight to the fricking point! I LOVE your videos. No B.S. and gets me to where I need to be. Thank you.

  9. John Smith says:

    BOGUS….there was NOTHING in my "Chamber" as this person claims other than simply going for the regular kills in the sector to open the chest. WORTHLESS!

  10. Aaron Emery says:

    Body doesn't ALWAYS spawn in the flowers, I killed the boss and it spawned for me in the boss room, on the black stones

  11. I found a badge at the gardens, then got the quest, but it says Chamber. Then there isn't anyone in there. What?

  12. now what luck is it that every single time i check one of these videos it's always in the last place the video shows

  13. pizza says:

    Thanks dude your a life saver I was looking around the chamber of starlight for 20 minutes before I decided to google it

  14. P says:

    Thank you for being informative and direct . I sub'd .

  15. Just have to say I love the way you seamlessly edit your videos. You do a fantastic job with each of them.

  16. You are the best! Short, simple and very effective.

  17. RatedViper55 says:

    if the body dont show it means you gotta finish lost sector after i cleared it i went back in and out and thats where the body spawn

  18. Thank you, your videos are the best. I use a ton of different content creators, but if you have a video of it then i'mma click yours.

  19. Atlas Ryuk says:

    How is your lost sector empty and mine isn't?

  20. Aaron Cross says:

    I know what my problem was. I got them on another character and they wont show up that way.

  21. ParkeeerTV says:

    Has anyone found the aphelion body yet?

  22. I think you don't have enough subs or likes. Your guides are really amazing. Keep it up mate.

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