Destiny 2 All Firebase Hades Region Chest Locations – Earth Region Chests (European Dead Zone / EDZ)

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Destiny 2 All Firebase Hades Region Chest Locations (European Dead Zone / EDZ) – Earth Region Chest Locations Guide

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This guide shows you all Firebase Hades Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2. Firebase Hades is part of the European Dead Zone / EDZ on Earth and there are 3 Region Chests located. On your map you can spot a small symbol which shows where a Region Chest is located, after you collect a Region Chest the symbol…

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  1. RAzOR ShaRp says:

    Thans man, use your vids all the time for Destiny when needing help. Much appreciated! Keep iT up!

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    Great guides thank you

  3. Thank you man for clear and fast guide.

  4. THANK YOU!!! That second chest was giving me heart palpitations!!!!

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    2nd keep up the great videos and walkthroughs and let's plays there very well done. Thankyou

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