Destiny 2 | BEST EXOTIC WEAPON BUFFS! – Top Exotic Weapon Improvements in the March Update!

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Destiny 2: Best Exotic Weapons after March Update Buffs – There are a number of weapons which benefited a LOT with the weapon buffs in the Sandbox Update! Lets check them out!

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33 Responses

  1. Try that wing bs with me and my team and dfa gonna drop em quick

  2. Do you feel an extreme urge to shoot something? Are you trigger happy or even perhaps mad at life? Well Destiny 2 is the game for you! Plenty of shooting galore and with enough modding and editing. You could even shoot your ex!

  3. Legend of a curious needs to be trashed it is way too powerful to be locked behind a firewall of Leviathan the vast majority of players don't have this weapon and it makes it really f**** stupid

  4. J.R. Spingly says:

    No exotic was buffed, the weapon types themselves were buffed, the exotic rework is coming in may.

  5. Un-subbed for covering this developers game.

  6. Jeff Rakas says:

    Dame dude ur sniping is look ? crispy ?

  7. myers • says:

    I want my last word

  8. lhalls9116 says:

    Excited for pulses. Graviton lance is my ace! But im also excited to finally use smore weapons now that theyre usable!!:p

  9. jayfore says:

    Thanks for more quality content… More importantly, thanks for continuing to avoid using the suddenly, annoyingly overused adjective "crispy" to describe how various weapons are feeling.

  10. iris says:

    What sniper is he using in the beginning?

  11. Jeff Martin says:

    Kicking ass was used so much in this video!!!! Love it!!!! HYPE!

  12. robkort says:

    You should add the Tractor Cannon which does a lot more damage now.

  13. I want sweet business buff, 200 round mag, small damage buff, maybe accuracy and stability decrease to balance

  14. God I want to play but I just cant bring myself to do it until may.

  15. was hoping Graviton Lance would get better in this update when I tried it earlier today…oh well, guess i'll have to wait for the May update instead…

  16. I really appreciate this video, I've always used the vigilance wing in pvp and I have noticed the buff, it adds a lot of intensity to the gun

  17. People still play this game ?

  18. THorne H says:

    Crimson really does need entry buff at least. I tried using it but it kept running out or ammo reserves.

  19. Chroniic i says:

    Is it me or is the game slowly getting a bit better?

  20. JESTA GAMING says:

    xHOUNDISHx great video exotics are actually starting to feel exotic again! The joy of using the Vigilance wing has given me back the enjoyment of playing pvp in the crucible again, actually completed call three call to arms activities on all characters for the first time in weeks!!! Also loving using double hand cannons Better Devils along side Sunshot with the Hawthorne forged as a heavy such a fun weapon load out. Everything is definitely not fixed with the game just yet but the 1.1.4 update is definitely a step in the right direction, cant wait to have exotics that I cant do without like the touch of malice and black spindle in D1. Keep up the good work. Jesta Gaming

  21. I hope in the future when theres three choices to chooce from on the subclasses, I hope theres a subclass for the warlock where it dramatically increases movement and sprint, fast weapon realod, weapons ready, reduced super and abiities, and increased health regen at the cost of loosing the BB ability, and grenade and you take more damage.

  22. Are people still playing this?

  23. Wouldn't the D.A.R.C.I be the best sniper in terms of PvE DPS? With precision damage buff on its exotic perk

  24. I haven’t ran into the vigilance wing in trials though. Still only seeing mida and Uriel’s

  25. Spencer Day says:

    And how long before the whining starts the vig wing is too op its unfair

  26. stacy roach says:

    last perdition pulse rifle i been using in PVP its awesome

  27. N T says:

    I just meme around in PvP competitive mode. Crimson, Time-Worn Spire, Wing work so nicely and feel so much better to use

  28. NDN Omar says:

    Ya always do great! Liking how that Vigilance Wing feels, I don't think it's OP as all it takes is you missing a few shots to get downed by a good player. I'm pretty murderous with it, but I admit, it fits my playstyle perfectly. I'm not really an aggressive player. Aggressive players "can" still get the drop on me. Everyone else though is nearly easy pickings.

  29. Josiah Ho says:

    I hate using meta so vigilance and rat king were some of my favorite weapons, but now it seems I can't use vigilance. Fun.

  30. CoinsTC says:

    as a D1 player, I was reminiscing and decided to try and get back into D2. Anyone got any tips to get your light level higher? I feel like I keep on getting the same 305 gear no matter when I have my highest light level gear on.

  31. KaBe says:

    Sturm and drang feel a lot better now as well, can’t wait for the exotic update..

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