Destiny 2: BEST FACTION PRIZE WEAPON! | March 2018 Faction Rally

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Showcasing and comparing the 3 new Prize Weapons for the March 2018 Faction Rally (Last of Season 2) to help you decide the best Faction to pledge to!

Comparing the 3 new prize weapons for the January 2018 Faction Rally: The Interference VI Legendary New Monarchy Grenade Launcher, the Distant Tumulus Legendary Dead Orbit…

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36 Responses

  1. KackisHD says:

    Why Bungie gotta do FWC dirty like that

  2. Red Oddity says:

    Is New Monarchy the new Dead Orbit?

  3. LordEmpyreal says:

    You should include the other new weapons added to the pool when you make these videos. The new Dead Orbit SMG, FWC Shotgun, or New Monarchy Shotgun could tip the scale a bit.

    Also, if you want to know which one is actually best, because Khakis always hates on fwc even when they have good stuff on offer, its FWC's. Low impact snipers suck in pve period, while mid impacts are pretty good. And neither of these are pvp competitive.

  4. LordEmpyreal says:

    Extended Mag doesn't really matter on rapid fire snipers. They already get around 7 in the mag, and that extra shot isnt gonna help their abysmal dps in pve. In pvp, mag doesnt matter at all.

  5. Mudkip Bro says:

    I only did FWC to get the emblem…

  6. FWC Disciple says:

    Please let FWC win… 😅

  7. Ziggmonger says:

    Nobody is PLAYING THIS

  8. Jei4Del says:

    Lol u talk so slow and have so much filler in ur vids now XD what happened? So much different than before. Long vids with little info

  9. Jim Beefer says:

    Bungie,come on man,cya.Not

  10. Marky Smith says:

    Started playing Destiny to finish ‘The Taken King’ dlc. Can I liking my Destiny 2 clan to my Destiny account? Cheers M

  11. I can’t believe you’re still making videos of this game. I’m going to unsubscribe

  12. Anthony D says:

    The "who still plays this game" and "this game is dead" jokes are getting old.

  13. HAWTPOCKET57 says:

    These faction weapons is EXACTLY the reason bungie needs to either put random perk rolls or make perk slots open and you use mods to "craft" your "random rolls"

  14. HAWTPOCKET57 says:

    But wait…there's more….reskins that is

  15. HAWTPOCKET57 says:

    Yes Dec can win..if they weren't trash lol

  16. None of the prize weapons are worth it, but some of the more mundane faction-specific weapons are worth it. Loquitor IV from New Monarchy, for example.

  17. Joshua Tree says:

    You talk a lot. Damn man.

  18. to be fair to D2, you would know whether a gun was good in D1 from it's stats as well, the only difference being how frustrating it was to get a decent version of those guns. imo, D2 has struggled not because it had so much less depth than D1 (it is a bit shallower, for sure), but because it took away much of the illusion of depth that was in D1 without replacing it with enough real depth

  19. James says:

    Remember borderlands…

  20. I got a BAR to drop with extended mag and rapid fire. It’s beast against that little Leprechaun. You can kill him in almost as much time as it takes a Hunter to kill a Titan with a Uriel’s Gift. Plus it only takes a bullet or two to take out a player in Hardcore PvP.

  21. Why are grenade launchers still in this game? Just delete them and give us back HMGs please.

  22. Jet Jaguar says:

    Question, if Snipers are being updated so that they might be used, why wouldn't Bungie create god like snipers and put them in as the reward for the last Faction Rally till Juneish…..Once again the screwd the pooch on an opportuntiy to bring people back….Bungie is becoming the definition of Insanity

  23. D2Ugly says:

    The vangard sniper rifle Persuader has 140 RPM Rapid-Fire Frame and it has Extended Mag and Explosive Payload.

  24. UnderTheSun says:

    Bungie: "Hey, get excited for this Live Event. Except all our weapons are time-gated and statistically worse that current offerings and they all have locked perks so they'll never be good. Hey ho, get grinding? Wait.. wait, where are you going?? I don't understand. Come… come back… Please?"

  25. Zoid Burger says:

    People still play this game

  26. Clint Logan says:

    0:11 There are three prize weapons for each faction this time?

  27. Pulse monitor on like 40% of weapons lol 😂😂😂 fucking joke

  28. I salute you for having the mental strength to go back and play this boring ass game. I love destiny but I can't even bring my self to play for more then a hour

  29. bahamutzet0 says:

    People still watching this garbage? Destiny is dead, get over it.

  30. D. R. says:

    Won’t be playing this week . Got on destiny 1 solar damage this week . Wow so many weapons I missed !!!! Gally and vision solar 😍 just feels so powerful in d1

  31. Reskinned trash, got it.

  32. Mr. Mayhem says:

    Nobody gives a shit

  33. Rafael S says:

    Sorry but ppl actually still playing this lol they must love being let down

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