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Showcasing the Loadout I have been having the best success with in the Iron Banner! Discussing Kinetic, Energy, Power weapon, & Subclass choices!

Showing my best loadout for Iron Banner! This loadout should help those struggling improve their game and hopefully win more!
Destiny 2 Weapons used:
-Antiope-D Legendary Gunsmith…

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41 Responses

  1. KackisHD says:

    I have been absolutely loving this loadout for grinding Iron Banner!
    I definitely recommend trying it out and seeing if it works for you!

  2. CAIYNIN GORE says:

    I've been grinding the iron banner with Skyburners Oath and Orimunds Anvil

  3. Keith Myers says:

    Good loadout, man. I've been using Better Devils, Frostmire's Hex (better DPS than the conspirator if you can get it/feel like using the tokens for it), and either the IB shotgun (same slug potential as the DO shotty, but longer range) or the raid rocket launcher. Good times!

  4. The loadout i'm currently using is:
    Primary: Nameless Midnight.
    Energy: Positive Outlook.
    Heavy: Main Ingredient.
    Subclass: Stormcaller with the top tree because teleporting during your super makes it hard for your enemies to shoot you.

    Just did a match there, my team of randoms got 75 points and the enemy team got 70 points. I came out with a 3.17 Efficiency and the second highest was 1.75 Efficiency. So i think i will stick with those loadout for a while.

  5. The elemental raid weapons are so annoying to shoot

  6. You forgot the Legend of Acrius as a shotty

  7. Antiope
    Main ingredient / sins of the past.
    Very basic, everybody does it, but for a good reason.

  8. high kackis love your channel ,now then if you havent got the antiope-d you can use the rare sondoc-c its an exact copy the same type 600rpm precision fram and kill clip ,the only place to get it is as the reward for the nessus adventure called release in the tangle and the conspiratop replacement i would use would be the metronome full auto scout its only 180 but it has slightly more impact and its nice to use ,anyway i hope this helps ,good hunting wardognath.

  9. Slopat says:

    I wonder how you would fare vs CammyCakes

  10. Jack B says:

    null calamity 9 is all you need

  11. Shaved Yeti says:

    Hi there kackis, I disagree on heavy. Must have rockets… Why? Because players are still stupid and stack 4 people on a flag to cap it… 2 days of iron banana = 2 weeks of editing montage.

  12. To get the antiope D you must get a lot of gunsmith materials and make sure when you get your ingram, check and see what it is! If the antiope D is in that ingram. Give the gun Smith all your materials. If the ingram doesn't show the antiope D then just leave and come back after until it changes to a chance to get the antiope D ingram. Then give all your materials to the gunsmith. Guaranteed, you'll get the gun. Hope it helps. My secret is out!!! Fuck it!!!

  13. James Osburn says:

    Been running Scathelocke, Prosecutor or Conspirator, and Colony. I switch between Actium and Lion Rampant (I like to fly around the level)

  14. Current loadout:
    The Colony

  15. Owl BG says:

    I usually run a nameless midnight masterwork and a positive outlook masterwork.For power i use the unspoken promise masterwork

  16. i only need the helmet for the titan and then im complete :D. but i also got the Ghost and the ship

  17. - Emerealm - says:

    My interpretation of this video:
    Hey guys I'm going to show you how much luck beats skill in crucible. All you need is to have is extremely good luck and you can beat literally anyone even if they play 2 hours a day and are amazingly skilled.

    I really hate that your weapons decide who wins. I can understand finding what kinds of weapons fit loadouts, but having guns that make it almost impossible to win, even if you are a skilled player, is just stupid. I can't even play crucible anymore without yelling because my skill is completely overridden by people's luck.

  18. Dat scout is preety good

  19. I use full auto scout from gunsmith.

  20. I can't find a fireteam to do the raid, there is no way that i will ever get the conspirator.

  21. Jacob Cass says:

    and thanks to you all the noobs start to follow you Great, Keep it for yourself Jackass
    That is why Everyone start to use Last hope

  22. Instead of the conspirator just use the 7-6-5, it has similar stats, full auto and the rounds that over penetrate targets.

  23. Philippis-B if you don't have an Antiope-D. They're reaaaally similar.

  24. The Heros Burden is legit too!

  25. The best Iron Banner loadout that anybody can get is …… Cuboid ARU — Sandwasp and pick a sword. I have a KD of 1.75 using this loadout quit listening to all the Hype these Blue rare guns are great try them..

  26. Antiope d is best but i havent find one after 2 month of play

  27. spam1337 says:

    deadpan delivery just is the best legendary shotgun

  28. MrBaracu says:

    So its just a normal pvp loadout. IB is normal pvp but you get tokens. This loadout makes it not faster or better.

  29. I think I have an Antiope-D in my vault. I preder Death Adder though. I managed to get a blue SMG with amazing range, but ti was better in pve than pvp. I pretty much use Origin Story in my kinetic slot. Sometimes I change that to Vigilance Wing. If I'm having a bad game it's MIDA, especially for those daily IB challenges.
    Energy is either Hardlight, Death Adder (as previously stated), and Uriels (though I think I dismantled it).
    I love Curtain Call. I may not always hit my target but when I point it towards a group those cluster bombs are guaranteed to take out 2 or 3 others. Wardliff Coil is my second choice. I don't really run with shotguns, snipers or swords.

  30. tony lucente says:

    (AN – TIE – UH – PEE) (DEE). how is it nobody knows anything about Greek mythology? i swear i never hear anybody pronounce it correctly lol

  31. I’ve been using the antiope-d for a while now as a primary in pvp just to combat swords…and recently just got the skyburners oath and been doing pretty good with it despite the slow firerate when going automatic but if u just treat it as a semi auto the firerate goes up in my opinion and yea when it comes to power weapons for pvp truely undecided cause I rarely use but however I snatch the ammo so the enemy doesn’t get it unless I got a teammate waiting on it near by…this is to prevent the on slaught of swords/rocket launcher which seem to be ppls primary’s lately

  32. what if they just added more to destiny one instead of making another game

  33. I like this loadout he said I use it but I use uriels gift for energy weapon but awesome idea I didn't know about this


  35. I have been running that exact load out sense faction wars were out and I got the shotgun for Dead Orbit

  36. Chris Paris says:

    The good bone structure is a great shotgun

  37. Daniel Davis says:

    I was wrecking alot of sweaty MIDA users with the Skyburner's Oath during IB and loving every minute of it. Bunch of do like everyone else losers, lol.

  38. TheChosenOne says:

    Why TF does Iron Banner have a shitty random loot system! I spent hours getting tokens to purchase engrams but only got an iron banner rifle, iron banner chest piece, iron banner a leg piece and a FUCK ton of dogs hit random loot instead of actually getting the loot I came here for. FUCK DESTINY 2 it a bland piece of shit with an average story, cardboard characters and a shitty loot system. My Shit>>>>>Destiny >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Destiny 2

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