Destiny 2: BLACK SPINDLE & SECRET EXOTICS! All 45 Data Fragment Locations & Hidden Quests

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Destiny 2 – Secret Exotics, All Data Fragments & Hidden Quests

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In this destiny 2 video, we are going to be looking at some secret exotics both in game now and still hidden for later. The black spindle seems to be returning, there is the sleeper simulant and the polaris lance. I’ll also be going over all…

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46 Responses

  1. I saw a few people saying I might have missed a fragment, so I went through the video multiple times to count and make sure. I can 100% confirm all 45 are shown in this video with none missing. Remember there is one at the very beginning at 3:54 🙂

  2. I saw the 1 at 7:56 about an hour ago

  3. this video wasnt helpful for me because u keep cut out how u got to place so i was verry lost being a new player of warmind

  4. Chris Soko says:

    Thank you so much man! I watched a “destiny guide” for the memory fragment locations and was left pulling my hair out with 43 out of 45. The comparison between your video and the other is like night and day. The other guy isn’t just some random dingus either – YouTube is his career. My point is – that just shows how gifted/effective you are at putting an organized, informative, yet still entertaining video together… Thanks again. Cheers

  5. Steven Smith says:

    What are the lost memory fragment you get after you shot the fragment and get a faction coin

  6. Haile Fry says:

    Ana bray is the stranger 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😵😵😵😵😵😵💀

  7. Black spindle is not in the database of the destiny there's just the catalyst

  8. curt winter says:

    You know bungie puts stuff in the PC game to throw off data miners, just because they found a spindle image means nothing.

  9. I got 44 out of 45 , does anyone have this problem?

  10. What sniper did you make?

  11. JDot says:

    How did you get the “MindLab Rasputin” door to open? That’s the last fragment i need before the sparrow!

  12. I found them all thanks to your guide

  13. sniper7014 says:

    Got the scout yesterday, its so good.

  14. TJ KALID says:

    Hey, can you stop cutting the footage while you go to angle your aim on the fragments? I got lost whenever it happened.

  15. I have the black spindle master work but I don’t know how to get the sniper

  16. I was actually needing thia

  17. Eyeless Jack says:

    the devs need to bring burning eye back

  18. Justin Bro says:

    How many videos do you need to make that involve the damn fragments?

  19. The Borealis made taking these out insanely easy

  20. Dembi Bro says:

    Bro I can never get a raid team to do any of the raids neither get a trails team please help me bro

  21. David Shay says:

    Worldline zero = boltcaster + darkdrinker

  22. ive got up to 44 and i dont know where ive gone wrong anyone got tips for me

  23. Shadow561781 says:

    Thabks Unknown Player👍👍👍

  24. GODBOY says:

    I can’t get through the doors at the the reach

  25. jay riffe says:

    I'm calling it right now. Black spindle will be a reward for scoring high on the warming strike when it's the nightfall


  27. Nathan Gyton says:

    Not every exotic has a catalyst the mida doesn't or at least mine doesn't

  28. Game wont let me into the mindlab rasputin one. Help please

  29. The one in the braytech lost sector is either glitch or somwthing cus theres no control panel next to that door for me. Just hive decay with a spawn door to the right of it. Idk whats up but this nodw seems impossible atm

  30. Alex Baffo says:

    Rasputin door is locked for me, any chance to enter in other ways ??

  31. sharnic 285 says:

    i just got the Sleeper, tested it in raids and my god it is super OP i love it

  32. man all said and done I missed 2 fragments because my friend joined and have no way to tell which ones now thanks so much unknown player you are my only source for destiny content and I'm really impressed by your recent editing must be that sick new computer !!! well done and thanks for taking time from not only life but from playing the first week to do this for us

  33. Asap Naylor says:

    I found an interesting area in the mindlab. Its also a location for one of those music boxes. In one of the coolent rooms toward the ceelimg there is a vent u can shoot and go into. It brings you to a room with the music box and this pannel. You can activate the pannel but nothing happens. There are also symbols in that room. Maybe something for a secert room like d1 black spindle

  34. I ran through this with the exception of the 3 or 4 Valkeryie. The last one in the Rasputin area you show and mention to wait until the end of that area to complete. When I ran thru I went in the vent before you said to wait. Interacted with the terminal. Left the secret room. Went to the next room and after trying for nearly a half hour get into the right positions to take out the one above the white ceiling, then I proceeded to the final room. Once I left to go back to the ventilation shaft/secret room I noticed the door you pointed out was opening and closing and sure enough, the Arc plate was staring me right in the face and a clean shot I took. Just thought you should know as it was an unknown question posed by the unknown player. Now you know and knowing is half the battle!

  35. I went to Korea the day Warmind dropped and now my phone is just getting blown up by destiny videos. This dlc actually looks amazing I can't wait to get home and grind. Destiny is on its way back.

  36. Jeff Stachon says:

    I completed the campaign and killed all the enemies but the Rasputin door won’t open. Any advice? The door is blue and beeps but does not open when I interact

  37. I've run into a glitch with the data caches. I've shot all of them but four of them won't register.

  38. Jared Stough says:

    I have 44/45. Watched this like 3 times, I have no idea which one I missed 😐

  39. Khaleel Ward says:

    I did a recount. There are 45. It's confusing but that first one you shot is also in the lost sector but you breezed through it so fast I didn't notice it.

  40. Unless I’m missing something how do you get a Valkyrie staff to get those data fragments

  41. Lee Wakadia says:

    Never make comments usually but THANK YOU SO MUCH. this guide was super helpful

  42. Jaydi Brdy says:

    this video is so confusing at some parts next time can you make it clearer and dont cut ever 10 secs

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