Destiny 2: Bungie’s Vision for the Sequel – IGN First

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Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy from Bungie sit down with us to discuss the challenges of developing a sequel, and to tease new features.

Destiny 2: Tour of the New Social Space “The Farm” – IGN First

18 Minutes of Destiny 2 in 4K 60fps – E3 2017

Destiny 2 The Red Legion Trailer – E3 2017: Sony Conference

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34 Responses

  1. You want to play a game with a sense of progression….
    Destiny 1 hasn't had this quite right you didn't know why you do this?
    Well I know why. Because I had the chance to get loot that matters, that made me stronger.
    In destiny 2 I really ask myself. Why? Why do I do this? There is no chance to get something exciting or stronger than before….

  2. Luke Smith should've gotten an award in the 2017 Video Games Awards: BIGGEST LIAR OF THE YEAR.

  3. lhalls9116 says:

    Locked loadouts!? I dont remember that. Did it get cancelled before final product!?

  4. I had to rewatch this crap I can't believe they didn't choose path A

  5. D Liggo says:

    I don't want to share my gaming with any stupid ?…Like many gamers we just play the story mode as single players..that's all we wanted…Why don't you support single players..?.?.?

  6. If you need some friends to play with when Destiny 2 hits then come check out our Destiny 2 all platform facebook group! Perfect place to get a fire team together and keep up on all things D2!

  7. Spooky Mage says:

    destiny 2 an expansion with a number on it!

  8. What a failure Destiny is. Such a beautiful potential for a game, ruined by greed and lack of communication.

  9. They better fix that golden gun

  10. Without light how do we have more powerful light or light at all

  11. This is the same game like Destiny 1 with new content and still $60

  12. "We want destiny to become a routine and replace stuff like poker nights and book clubs"

    Replacing poker night yeah I can see that I guess. BUT BOOK CLUB?!?!?! NOT HAPPENING

  13. Angel derp says:

    i like how they're owning up to their mistakes instead of saying look new things

  14. Hi Hi!If anyones looking for a destiny 2 group come and join us! We welcome pc and ps4 gamers to join us on our adventure into the new world,with fireteams,raid groups,clans and more!So for all you veteran guardians and new guardians please join us on our travels~

  15. Iam Maxim says:

    I don't get it everyone complains:,, looks like a DLC"; ,, Completely new Game, not good for loyal ones"; ,, Lack of Story " and some more bullshit, why don't you fckn keep on playing cod or Minecraft, these games never changed, they are all having the same concept! PS: they said laid down for 10 Years, now that is the fckn next title in the franchise, its still Destiny, how many people are still too dumb to note this down …

  16. but is it cross platform?

  17. ViralTaco says:

    I'm excited to play a bit like I was for the first game. I want to discover the world and know EVERY DETAIL about it.
    Every pixel. Every sound. Every perks of the game. That sense of "oo that's what this is" or "omg this looks so beautiful and chaotic at the same time, what happened here?" or "Well this was unexpected" or "woaw I never noticed this was here".
    You can only discover a game once and I'm pretty sure I can say that I discovered Destiny (1).

    I enjoyed playing all along and one of my favorite things is that the gameplay is different with each SUBclass each piece of armor and each weapon.

    The grimoire is also nice and I definitively enjoyed reading it. For me it was just a way to find answers to the questions that popped in my mind.
    Anyway. I'm going to enjoy Destiny 2. Not because of the loot but because of the art.

  18. J Nee says:

    these all seem like they should just be expansions to D1 thats all they look like,

  19. GuyWIthAHoad says:

    This game better be enough for the $60

  20. They had one of the greatest game concepts and Destiny was alright but this is Bungie.. the LEGENDARY halo company. They could have made the greatest shooter of all time. I mean blizzard and bethesda made some groundbreaking exploration/rpg games years ago… If Bungie had followed through with an unforgettable story/characters/places and i don't even know all of the little details but Destiny could have been and amazing experience. I mean, how is Destiny not on the PC? Any decent online gaming community should also be on the PC, and this could have been Bungie's opportunity to expand and cater to the larger audience. I prefer a console for certain shooters but still. The combat was alright and I did enjoy the game to an extent but if Bungie going to continue to lack in content then I won't be buying the sequel. They still have a chance to make a change in the gaming community as they did years ago with Halo. Hopefully they have done so in this sequel. Can't wait to see how it turns out. And if this pattern continues in the gaming community and ESO 6 somehow turns out to be garbage (which I know Bethesda won't let happen), I will have lost all faith. And I wish blizzard would create some sort of next installment in the Warcraft video game universe. Everyone is still dying for that.

  21. sparkes44 says:

    This is what annoys me I dont want to make friends with someone the other side of the world play with him 2 nights a week for a year then add him on Facebook

    I want to come home from a shitty office job and for half hour shoot aliens like it's my workmates and earn a mean looking exclusive gun no one else has

    Instead I get my 15th telesto…

    That is what needs changing fun and excitement not being repetitive and about hippy bullshit

  22. Zalmast says:

    EVERYTHING that they mention in this video, they have done before in the Halo series before 343 took over…?

  23. What if the lore of the game was in the game?

  24. Shuuma710 says:

    destiny 3 hunter scythe please

  25. Phil M says:

    Won't fool me again.

  26. Luke Smith always looks like he just rolled out of bed

  27. James Lin says:

    If only destiny and division can work together.

  28. djramaan says:

    I liked vanilla destiny and all the expansions, but there is still alot to improve. Hope destiny 2 can shine in its story which was in ny opinion the biggest flaw in the last game.

  29. Colin Parks says:

    the last last games story telling was poor, of all the things that they need to improve on, this is by far the most important.

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