Destiny 2 | CRIMSON RESET & REWARDS! New Weapon, Event Guide, Nightfalls & Eververse (12th February)

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Destiny 2: Weekly Reset 12th February – Crimson Days Guide 2019, New Content Rewards, Ascendant Challenge, Weapon Frames, Nightfalls, Eververse Inventory & Powerful Gear Challenges (12th February)

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36 Responses

  1. xHOUNDISHx says:

    Happy Crimson Reset 😛 Will you be picking up the new Bow? I should also add that Valor bonuses are active in PvP so we should have at least x2 Valor all week!

  2. I want the Ikilos shotgun , what’s the best way to farm keys to open the chest at the end of EP

  3. Bow for pinnacle weapon. Cupid uses a bow. Ok Problems solved about why we’ve got a bow to go after. Thought people would’ve noticed that when it was first teased. Seems not everyone got the hint. Keep up the good content ?

  4. zombie3nergy says:

    Great the 1 cool unique sparrow is available again wtf

  5. Content what content you mean all the old shit that released last year and nobody was playing and they felt they could just re-release it bull shit fucking event

  6. That is not a super exciting ornament is it

  7. Never.botherd with this since d1 im.good still just waitin for the next dlc

  8. I get all my destiny news from the most reputable source ?

  9. quickest ever advent for me had all stuff from last yr 30 mins got me the bow and zero triumphs grind to get ghost from last yr in exotic covered in chocie no thanks next advent is june/july hmmm time to try 2 games coming soon

  10. Im gonna do matchmaking because just like in real life im all alone

  11. lol, you tried so hard to be excited in this video. I feel you bro….

  12. Can anyone help me getting fabled glory rank? I only need 400 more glory points. I am a level 20 BTW

  13. Thanatos FM says:

    Thank you Houndish for your great work you are better than CNN

  14. Was about to start the crimson days stuff but had a tornado warning in my area but never came…now I'm with my wife at the nail salon waiting in the car…

    Only thing I'm interested in is the bow and the mod components and enhancement cores!

  15. Kaden Tamis says:

    Already got the vow and I'm loving it

  16. When i will get the discount code for the hoodie?

  17. Sarge says:

    maybe playing cross platform will get a few guardians find a valentine The game is fading..

  18. Andrew says:

    emm I had the same black armoury weapons last week too

  19. My only problem is that…..well….
    On one hand, I’m glad that they’re giving people who weren’t around for the last crimson doubles chance to get the loot.
    But I wish they would’ve also added some new elements that people who were around last year and look forward to. I mean a bow and a chocolate ghost shell?…….?

  20. VaultBoy261 says:

    I can't even login to D2

  21. Alrite old content ill stay on apex legends

  22. Andy Dixon says:

    crimson days is kinda weak this year

  23. Where is the vow ornament

  24. - Forsaken - says:

    Is the crimson gonna be just this week or is it gonna be here longer than 1 week?

  25. soli chacon says:

    I just hope I can find people to get the fucking ep shot sorry it's just that I still dont have it???

  26. Phil Meeks says:

    Big disappointment that almost everything is the same as last year. New emote costs silver. One new bow to earn.

  27. Brian Viera says:

    The Prometheus Lens and WCoil ornaments suck donkey balls. Fail.

  28. Shaxx wants all those hearts so he can gift them all to mara

  29. Tomás Silva says:


  30. Duane Ashley says:

    houndish i love the video but i gotta ask what is that music that plays when the video starts it is majestic.

  31. Did you find out what the nightfalls are?

  32. Tiny bow should let you shoot a guardian and make them fall in love lol

  33. A Morgan says:

    It's gonna be a busy week of grinding for me. I need that Ikelos Shotgun to finish my collections badge, and I also need to grind events and lost sectors in the Tangle Shore for lore pages.

  34. the vow bow drops 650 even if your not 650

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