Destiny 2 | Crucible PvP Tips for BEGINNERS

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Destiny 2 HOW TO GET MORE KILLS IN DESTINY 2. TIPS AND TRICKS. CRUCIBLE TIPS. GET MORE KILLS IN CRUCIBLE PVP TIPS. TIPS TO GET GOOD. PRO TIPS. WELCOME to my destiny 2 vid hope you enjoy this will help you get more kills in PvP crucible and how to get better at Destiny and Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Tips

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7 Responses

  1. I watched the first video! Nice channel! (o^-')b
    I rang your bell with another account!

  2. Lou T says:

    Good vid man, was looking for something like this!

  3. Brett Silva says:

    Good video bro! Keep it up…

  4. TYWEN says:

    Nice video!!! That game looks fun

  5. 51 CDS says:

    Good shit bro love your up loading again

  6. MonKCz says:

    Good shit right here!! I'll for sure remember to keep these tips and tricks in mind!

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