Destiny 2 | D.A.R.C.I. New Exotic Sniper Rifle (Gameplay & First Look)

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Destiny 2 is now available World Wide for PS4 and XBOX One. Here is the first exotic I got from the world (besides leveling). The D.A.R.C.I. Sniper Rifle. With it’s enhanced Scope, DARCI could be great to use! … If the screen shake wasn’t a problem.

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36 Responses

  1. D J says:

    The DARCI sucks. There are several legendary weapons that are far better.

  2. The Storm says:

    i fricking hate this gun so much bruv i cant snipe and i got it in my first fricking exotic

  3. Nicknamed; "Failsafe's Favorite Ass-kicker"

  4. Seinfeld theme killed me, thank you

  5. I love snipers and hand cannons my favorite hand cannon is midnight coop

  6. Blessious I think you mean doritos locos tacos crispy

  7. Wait till you get its ornament it will then look like it came from the vex

  8. RED KING says:

    Reminds me of hereafter

  9. Seth S says:

    all snipers have flinch now ???. well all the ones ive gotten do

  10. Jean Joseph says:

    You garbage blessious

  11. Have ypu tried Borealis. It is my current fav sineper

  12. This seems to be a Muad Pvp sniper.

  13. Brian Mckay says:

    Great video I've got the sniper myself not a fan of it to be honest.

  14. Kimber2K says:

    its said IN TRIN SIC

  15. Troy Addict says:

    Bless the power ammo spawns in different places every time
    Is spawns the first time

    And another thing OMG the old fashion is the same shader as mines XD and when I turned it pink I was like "now it's the new fashion

  16. Bless r u jelly that I have borealis

  17. Crunchg111 7 says:

    Had to sub soon as the Seinfeld came on haha

  18. The numbers on the bottom right is showing their power lvl

  19. That wasn't cool gets exotic

  20. The 170 is the enemy's light level

  21. Could you give the "Gentlemen Vagabond" when you get it? The impact is crazy high.

  22. DapaChrons says:

    "I have no allies" lmao

  23. Toti says:

    Not sure if I really like that sniper, but great video btw!

  24. GsD_Vortex says:

    Did he realize that he got an exotic engram? XDDDDDDD

  25. The 170 is there power level

  26. So a scope that shows hp percentage and enemy light level? Seems more like a gimmick than a useful trait but might be useful on raid bosses for phases

  27. Chad Duffney says:

    *Gets hit with Dawnblade
    "Hello Darkness my old friend"

  28. S1L3NTDr460n says:

    6:40 I have no idea why I found that so goddamn hilarious, but I nearly died laughing.

  29. Went a match without dying but got in last place…..way to help the team, lol

  30. 12yrOld says:

    The number in the bottom of the scope is the power level

  31. Vytlo says:

    "I'm just gonna' be mister hard-scopey scope."
    What's wrong with hard-scoping?

  32. I think the bottom right shows power recommendation for pve and power level for pvp

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