Destiny 2 – Dell Inspiron 7567 – 7700HQ , 1050ti (1080p)

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i don’t know why Fraps and MSI Afterburner won’t work with this game but i would say the avg fps is 55. Most of the times keeps over 60fps but areas with a lot of enemies and effects drops to 45fps. Completely playable at max settings except AA(MSAA and SMAA drop the frames quite a bit) and Ambient Occlusion off. Everything else set to the highest settings at 1080p. Pretty impressive how well optimized this game is. Playing with a xbone controller on the TV with this setup.

Intel i7…

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6 Responses

  1. Hello. How it would be in an 7567 model with i7 7700HQ, GTX1050Ti, but 8Gb RAM?

  2. GeM ™ says:

    Hi, this is your notebook?

  3. Dacun1234 says:

    I have the very same laptop (also 1050 ti)
    For some reason Destiny 2 cannot detect dedicated graphic card and I'm forced to play on 1376×768 on low detail in 30 FPS : C

  4. Diego Melo says:

    Thank you só much.

  5. Hi if I run this game on high settings not max .. will I get 60fps all the time or will it drop

  6. NvdXpro says:

    What do you use to record ?

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