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  1. Armydude300 says:

    I will not be doing different Forsaken dialogues because there are none. The only ones are for Awoken and not awoken characters.

  2. the problem is i got the new player dialog because i played this on xbox, but i played d1 on my ps4.

  3. Hanna G says:

    Oh wow- I think you only need to have the game. I never finished destiny 1, and I have a vague memory of geting the second and last dialouge.

  4. I got all the veteran voice lines

  5. Jade Rabbit says:

    You dont have to be year 1 tho

  6. Jesse Hurn says:

    It sure feels great being a Destiny 1 veteran 🙂

  7. Is it still possible to get these changes?

  8. Trifosion says:

    what if you restart a new game and you are a veteran player do you still get the different dialog

  9. Rabbit says:

    Huh, listening to these kind of made me mad. I played a lot of Destiny 1 on Xbox One, I beat the base game and all the DLC. And now when I come into Destiny 2, my ghost and I are treated like idiots who don't know anything. Like I have to have The Fallen explained to me, like anyone does in that universe, they are, or at least were a major threat in our god damned solar system, every guardian old or new, every citizen even should know what the Fallen are.

    And then when I looked at some forums to see if there was any way at all to get the veteran dialogue on PC, it seems like half the comments are coming from people who are essentially shitting on our emotions or just throwing them to the side just because we switched systems. "Oh, well you shouldn't have switched then." or "That's because there was no Destiny 1 on PC." and they go on.

    I don't even care about veteran emblems and whatever else, dialogue on the other hand is another matter entirely.

    I apologize for the little rant, it was just bugging the hell out of me.

  10. Mr Springy says:

    I love how Shaxx reminds me of rise of iron

  11. Out of all the dialogue shown here, the only veteran dialogue that doesn't trigger is the radiolaria one. Probably because I never did Vault of Glass? (Or any raid for that matter)

  12. Bacon Sir says:

    Still waiting for Eris to come back

  13. I think they change half of it to correct the ghost's knowledge on some details
    the other half is pretty cool like the banner on edz

  14. Wyatt L says:

    oh god the expositionnn

  15. Ryukotsei says:

    Just recently learned this was a thing… I really wish I had gotten the Veteran dialogue as a PC player (Played D1 on PS4)… it was really annoying when Nolanbot and all the other npc's treated me like some greenie who's never stepped foot outside the city before.

  16. I did play destiny 1 but still got the NEW dialogue. ?‍♂️

  17. yea on new account PS4 i feel like a idiot cause i don't know shit what happened in first game but in xbox i got a veteran account though i was stupid in getting Destiny for Xbox to begin with

  18. Yeah if you didn't like the look of your D1 character and delete it to change look it also counts as a new character not a vet

  19. Nyquil _ says:

    I didn't know there were lines for the new guys

  20. fluxy888 says:

    So happy to be playing since before Destiny 1 even came out in the Destiny alpha and beta. Oh how far its come

  21. I hate how they explained every enemy to me while playing cuz i some how do not have a veteren account

  22. I have being reduced to an idiot on PC

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